Spanish Fernando Alonso (Alp) was penalized with 30 seconds for running without a mirror during the race. Formula 1 United States Grand Prix It’s a decision this Sunday that has angered the Haas team, who are protesting the “admissibility” of the complaint made.

with punishment, Alonso falls from the points he reached with a tremendous effortAfter starting fourteenth, he had an accident due to contact with Canadian Lance Stroll (Aston Martin) and finished seventh.

Alonso had taken on Stroll’s wish, and who, when he came to him, would become his teammate next year. He made a late move that caused the Asturian’s chariot to make a wheel movement that miraculously resulted in fear. and that didn’t stop him from completing the race.

The FIA ​​predicted Alonso returns to the track “in unsafe conditions after the accident”for this he accepted a sanction that dropped him from seventh to fifteenth.

“This post-race time penalty is disappointing” for the Alpine team, which “unfortunately means Fernando is left out of the points-qualifying positions”.

“The team acted fairly and felt that the car was still structurally sound due to Fernando’s crash with Lance Stroll on lap 22 of the race, and the right rear view mirror was detached from the frame as a result of the damage caused by the accident,” the team added in a statement.

Alpine reminds FIA “You have the right to place a black and orange flag during a race on a car that you consider unsafe.“but on this occasion he “evaluated the car and decided not to act”.

“Furthermore, after the race, the FIA ​​technical delegate evaluated the car as legal,” Alpine said.

“The team also believes that the appeal should not have been accepted as it was made 24 minutes after the deadline and therefore the sanction should be declared void. As a result of this point, the team protested the admissibility of the original Haas. F1 Team protest,” he said.