Worst budgets in history for Alicante

province Alicante be again great forgotten In the General Government Budgets prepared by the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Monteropresented at the Congress of Deputies this Thursday. Some accounts only 160.8 million allocated to investments in the province euro, worst figure in history and less than a third of what would correspond to population size.

Despite the fact that the manager has already emphasized that the important thing about the accounts for the next year is the accounts. social measures to combat the effects inflation in the pockets of families and the fact that investments will not grow to the same extent as the rest of the expenditure, the Government’s Increasing regionalized investments by 3.3%, increased from 13,007 of last year’s Budget Project to 13,443 million euros in the current project. An increase in the province.

On the contrary, in the case of Alicante, the accounts presented by María Jesús Montero to Congress president Meritxell Batet, a 12.3% cut In last year’s project, where an investment of 183.5 million was expected, and 17.8% of the project finally approved, it reached approximately 195 million after changes made during its processing. In any case, it should be noted that last year’s figure already meant a 38% cut about the previous exercise.

In this way, it will be the worst year in state investments in history for the province, Even below 2017 and 2018 workoutsLatest Budgets was Rajoyholding this dishonorable record until now.

Thus, the amount budgeted by the Government, less than a thirdor -29% exactly- de is what corresponds to Alicante by population, which amount 537 million euro.

3,539 million complaints

In this way, Execution extends the time. historical tort The province is struggling with government investments, and this is a constant source of complaints from Alicante businessmen and civic organizations. According to the calculations of the Alicante Institute of Economic Research (inca), Between 2008 and 2022 central Executive assigned to the province 3.162 million less euros than corresponding to population weight, these figures were increased to 3,539 million euro.

According to the Alicante think tank, what lies behind the investment gap is an investment gap. loss of position That the state has suffered in terms of income in other regions that have benefited more from public money in recent years.

Complaints arise in both cases. direct investments of different ministries -which attachments 106.3 millionone-third less than that corresponding to the population, but above all public companies and foundations, Not much going to Alicante 54.5 million a total of 9.303 million, 0.58% of the total According to the INE, the province is home to 4% of the country’s residents.

Best stop coming out regional comparisonWhere regionalized investments planned by the government increased from 1,208 to 1,269 million. However, this figure is only 9.4% of the totalWhen the Community of Valencia makes up 10.7% of the Spanish population.

The difference should be found in The biggest investment Valencia will ever take By the public sector, which plans to allocate up to 786 million euros to work in this province next year.

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