Ciudadanos presents the keys to the internal reorganization process in Alicante

The so-called reconstruction tour citizens stopped in the city of Alicante this Friday afternoon. The project is becoming known in the Spanish geography, and after the first meeting in Zaragoza, the second call took place in the Casino of the provincial capital. Organization and Corporate Action Secretary, Carlos Perez-Nievasand coordinator in the Valencian Community, Maria MunozHe was tasked with unveiling, in front of hundreds of people in a row in many regional elections, the keys to which the liberal establishment intended to stay on the political map after the bad results it had chained between positions, members and organisations. supporters.

There has not been the presence of critics in the province with the appointment management. Ines Arrimadas in front of cs. It should be noted that, at the end of August, the Alicante leadership, along with Alicante deputy mayor Mari Carmen Sánchez and Provincial Council spokesperson Javier Gutiérrez, joined the group calling for the national leader’s resignation. Carlos Pérez-Nievas and María Muñoz were asked the following question: “I spoke to Mari Carmen Sánchez fifteen days ago and told her this evident assumes a position on the front against the party. The document cannot be accepted. We talked about it and we’ve seen them stay on the sidelines ever since. They came in time to fix it” was the response offered by the Secretary of the Organization on this issue.

From the autonomous leadership of the C’s in the province, with some preparations, there are now about two hundred people working electronically on the re-establishment of the party. offers It will be sent to Madrid this Saturday. Deputy mayor of the Spanish capital, Begona Villacis, is the best-known face of the orange formation at the beginning of this project and carries out coordination tasks at the national level. The initiative also has two regional coordinators, Valencia María Muñoz and Balearic Patricia Guash. Party sources reassure them that, thanks to their internal polls, they have more options in these two communities to achieve a better result in next year’s elections.

The team responsible for the re-foundation of CS assures that it has been working on the street for over three months, knows the real concerns of the population and aims to continue to offer “exciting alternatives” across the formation. the concentration of power it represents bipartisanship Founded by PSOE and Partido Popular. The work to redefine the self-styled liberal space includes seeking ideas, attracting talent, and listening to officials and members. “We travel the lands of Spain so that no ideas remain unheard,” says María Muñoz, who also attacks Botànic’s work. tax reform It was announced by Generalitat chairman Ximo Puig during the general policy debate this week: “He used the Valencians as a springboard for his election campaign.”

Source: Informacion


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