Street policy around flames

Two devastating fires affecting Vall d’Ebo (Alicante) and Bejís (Castellón). More than 2,000 people were evacuated and thousands of hectares were devastated. The damage is not just material. Six people were hospitalized with severe burns while trying to escape from a train surrounded by fire. These are the reasons, the stupendous reasons, that explain why the epicenter of political activity these days is in the affected areas. Two ministers, Generalitat chairman and vice-president, two ministers, Government delegate or chairman of the Provincial Assembly are some of the public representatives who change the agenda and postpone the August holidays if necessary. emergency teams. But to spare time for mayors and affected residents who engage in street politics in very difficult times with significant absenteeism. One of the most striking was that of Mireia Molla, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, for her skills.

They say that Health Minister Miguel Mínguez was in Teruel when he got in his own car and drove to Jérica, the town of Castellón, where a field hospital was set up to care for those injured in the rail crash. Later, he went to La Fe hospital, where they were admitted. Ximo Puig, head of Consell, and Minister for Emergencies, Gabriela Bravo, they focused their agenda between Vall d’Ebo and Bejís. Being with neighbors as well, from advanced command points to the emergency coordination center. “We are doing what we have to do, we provide the full support of the Generalitat,” they stressed from the Presidency.

Two representatives from the central government joined the impeachment delegation. Minister of Interior, Fernando Grande-MarlaskaWhile following the evolution of Bejís fire, the head of Science and Innovation, Diana MorantHe went to Vall d’Ebo, where the President of the Diputación de Alicante is located, Carlos Mazon, has been in person for two days to follow the event minute by minute. Both numbers of the Generalitat are not missing, More, in the middle of Alicante and Castellón, to take care of the situ. They say from his ministry that his Government partner, Mullah, was also very careful about what was going on, but in his case, he was miles from the critical zone, the flames and those affected. He argues that it is better to wait until the fire is under control and then discuss the matter with those who run the operation. What he did was announce that he would request an extraordinary item from the Administrator for the recovery of the affected areas. This Wednesday he had the opportunity to meet directly with the representative of the central government in the Community. Pilar Barnabas, who went to Castellón. But they did not match.

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