Searching for candidates: PP and PSPV seek top of list in six key cities

The two most represented political forces in the province of Alicante and the Community screen the candidates for the next municipal elections down to the millimeter, focusing specifically on six strategic cities. PSPV-PSOE and PP have yet to reveal what headlines they will appear in a number of county seats, which could be key to maintaining balance in the County Council. After the result of the final appointment in all polls, 2019’s resulted in a 14v14 draw for the seats at the county seat, leaving the final decision in the hands of the Cs.

Alicante and Benidorm are the two main cities where, during the election process on May 20, 2023, the party led by Ximo Puig has not decided on a name to be at the forefront of the socialist project. . In the case of the lineup led by Carlos Mazón, the unknowns are limited to Alcoy, Orihuela, Villena and Dénia. In the first case, l’Alcoià’s case, it was not excluded that the present spokesperson would repeat as number one. The rest assume the presentations will include new faces. In any case, the terms used to announce the names of heroes are very similar in one game and another. PSPV-PSOE wants the issue resolved in September. PP, for his part, is on 9 October, before Community day.

The provincial capital, now run by Luis Barcala (PP), is one of those places where socialists want to grill all the meat. It is now firmly agreed that Francesc Sanguino, who has left the municipality, will not repeat in 2023. In fact, alternative names were started to be considered months ago, but time is running out now. The recent crisis in the municipal group challenges the need to create clear leadership that takes into account the elections. The socialist spokesperson at the Cortes, Ana Barceló, the former mayor of Sax, and Josefina Bueno, Minister of Innovation, are two of the most vocal. In the municipality with the largest population in the Community administered by the PP, there may be profiles that may challenge the leadership on the right.

Choosing a good candidate for Mayor of Benidorm is another priority for the Socialists. Cristina Escoda, surrounded by important surnames such as Leire Pajín’s family, the clan of Encarna Llinares or former mayor Agustín Navarro, might be a natural option. After winning the civil war for Benidorm general secretary, he confirmed his intention to run in the primaries. However, it remains to be seen whether the internal ballot boxes will eventually be removed. The motto from PSPV-PSOE is to appeal to unity to avoid competition. Therefore, it has not been ruled out that it will result in supporting an alternative consensus candidate.


Strengthening voter support in Alto Vinalopó, headed by Villena, is one of the PP’s obsessions. In past elections, the people lost a state legislator at this border by just twenty votes; the loss that PSOE makes profitable by adding a place in the country company. Therefore, the options for appointing the new mayor remain open. Orihuela is also one of the key areas. The party’s situation at the organic level has become chaotic due to the conflict between former mayor Emilio Bascuñana and organic president Dámaso Aparicio. To the point where Mazón had taken hold and imposed a manager. Added to all this, with the aggravating circumstance of losing the Mayor’s Office due to a no-confidence motion and now holding the bar I had requested by socialist Carolina Gracia. Among those who appear to be potential PP candidates for 2023 is Pepe Vegara, president of the Moors and Christian Association.

Uniting the different families of the PP in Orihuela is the strategy Mazón followed, and it is the same strategy that was being planned in Alcoy, to open the door to those who went to Cs for a while, like former mayor Jorge Sedano. Anything to unite the right around an unidentified candidate. As a result, Quique Ruiz’s persistence at the top of the list isn’t ruled out, but party sources admit that alternatives are being explored.

A change is also aimed at Dénia. The party has the same representation on this board as Compromís, meaning only three councilors compared to the 12 members added by the PSOE. Therefore, it aims to strengthen the candidacy to try to grow.

Source: Informacion


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