Elche mayor considers Ferraz’s decision to retain candidacy a commitment to stability

Mayor of Elche Carlos González said that the decision of the PSOE federal committee those who are already mayors have the option to continue and become mayor without the need for primariesThe next socialist candidate in municipalities with a population of more than 20,000 is the commitment to “stability”.

“I am ready for my party and my city to win re-elections and become mayor again. to continue transforming the city. I feel strong, excited, with a project, experience and With enough support to win elections again in Elche. And the important thing is: keep working for Elche, keep modernizing the city”, Elche’s first mayor declared this morning to repeat this in the same way, after learning that he would have a free hand in principle like the other twelve socialist councilors in the state. mayor in 2023.

In any case, González insists that his party and the municipality are at his command to “re-win the elections in Elche”. And he added: “I have read the decision of the federal committee and I understand that: There will be no primaries in cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants governed by the PSOE, unless the mayor decides not to repeat And in this case, in the face of the resolution passed by the federal committee, I say that I am at the disposal of my party and my city to win the election to run for reelection and continue to transform Elche. modernize the cityTo improve the quality of life and well-being of women and men in Elche”.

According to González, with this decision of the federal committee “PSOE prefers stability and winning elections”.

The first mayor, who did not want to declare himself as the official candidate of the party, reminded that this issue must in any case be approved by the federal committee, and there are also deadlines. “I respect all procedures,” he said.

Carlos Gonzalez Serna Socialist militant since the age of 18. Between 1995 and 2004, he was a council member at the Elche City Council, taking on different responsibilities in the municipal administration. He was responsible for the areas of Human Resources, Treasury, Contracting and Procurement, Citizen Safety, Traffic, Tourism, Economic Promotion and also served as the vice president of both INTESA and PIMESA Municipal Association.

He was nominated first in 2004 and then in 2008. PSOE to the Congress of Deputies for the province of Alicante. Between 2004 and 2011 he was deputy spokesperson for the Socialist Parliamentary Group in the Home Affairs Commission, and is also part of and actively participating in the Justice, Development and Road Safety commissions.

He has been the mayor of Elche since 13 June 2015.

Source: Informacion


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