Josefina Bueno’s challenge: “Bringing Innovation to Alicante has cost a lot and should not be backed down”

Close to completing his first hundred days on duty, Josephine Good He is clear on his purpose: “It took a lot of work to bring this ministry to Alicante, and we can’t afford to step back now.” owner Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society even more ambitious and its commitment is to continue to grow in the state, with both its human capital and the impact its policies have on the daily lives of Alicante citizens. All this in full harmony with the project of the Generalitat president, Ximo Puigto achieve greater regional structuring.

It is true that Bueno started with an advantage, because he knew from within himself the work carried out in the department. Under his command, he aims to strengthen Alicante’s presence on the political map of the world. Valencian Community and that the province is an axis in decision making. “It is very important that we continue to strengthen our skills and win in human resources. I will work to expand the ministry,” he says, moving forward in a conversation where the words “consolidate” and “grow” are the most used words.

One of the biggest challenges is that work in areas such as the digital divide, connectivity or transformation of the fabric of production is not seen as non-citizenship. Rather, it aims to make people from Alicante feel that there is a Consell department nearby and that it is working to improve themselves. life quality. “We are a link with the regional government, we are the link for the second city of the Community to achieve regional cohesion,” says Bueno, who wants to stage this struggle with the passage of all ministers through Alicante.

The head of Innovation and Universities insists that Puig’s 2019 bet is “it’s coming to stay and keep growing.” He realizes that to achieve this expansion he needs the efforts of his entire team, “officers who do not monopolize the spotlight,” to whom he is grateful for their day-to-day work. Beyond the president’s efforts to have a ministry in the state, Bueno values ​​a state’s influence. “Critical citizens of Alicante” It is the goal for which it actively works, with the goals of creating greater wealth for the community and developing policies for the benefit of the population as a whole.


The minister points out that the roadmap until the next appointment with the polls is “strengthening the socialist political project” and that its pillars include scholarships, assistance to the self-employed, investment in science, protection of public health. or the pillars of the welfare state. “We want to include citizens who feel like a companion for a better life,” he emphasizes. ukraine war they will be felt more in a fall, which is expected to be very warm.

So, although his department is closely linked to the digital world and innovation, his speech has a large social component: “We want the world’s best scientists to be able to settle in the Community, but at the same time we try to ensure that any citizen’s son can study at the University. That he studies along these lines.” believes. Socialist Party For the seven years he has run Botànic and therefore demands “confidence to keep the management”. His claim is backed up by figures such as the known reduction in unemployment this Thursday or the expected tourist crowds on the Costa Blanca in August.

Finally, regarding her predecessor’s recent appointment, the Elche woman Caroline PascualAs Commissioner for Digitization and Cybersecurity, he thinks this is good news. “He is a person who already knows the ministry and contributes to its development. We will continue to cooperate closely because he believes in this political project and will encourage its growth,” he concluded.

Source: Informacion


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