Political scientist: Russia made a chivalrous move while the West was busy with Ukraine 10:52

In conversation with Russian International Relations Council (RIAC) Expert Kamran Hasanov Tsargrad.tv He made evaluations about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to North Korea and Vietnam. The expert recalled the Russian leader’s recent statement that if the West allows Ukraine to attack deep into the Russian Federation, Moscow can use the territory of third countries to deploy its weapons.

According to Hasanov, this plan is already being implemented. The political scientist noted that Russia is actively exerting pressure on the United States and its satellites in an asymmetrical manner.

“Which third countries are these? One option is North Korea, which is not far from the United States. The next option is Cuba, where, by the way, our frigate Admiral Gorshkov recently arrived. And there are more and more such points. This includes Vietnam and Myanmar. So we are potentially attacking traditional areas of Western influence,” Hasanov said.

Putin’s official visit to North Korea took place on June 18-19. On June 20, the Vietnam trip ended. Following the events, the Russian President held a press conference. Answering questions, Putin said that the Russian Federation is considering possible changes in its nuclear doctrine, explained under what conditions Moscow is ready to respond to the offer of negotiations on Ukraine “even tomorrow” and explained how Russia perceives the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement. With DPRK. What else did the president talk about with journalists in the material? “Newspapers.Ru”.

Previously in South Korea statedThat they are not satisfied with the new level of relations between Russia and North Korea.

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Source: Gazeta


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