USA and Ukraine signed a security agreement until 2034 21:09

US and Ukrainian presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Zelensky signed the 10-year security agreement between the two countries at the G7 summit. writes about this Reuters.

“The parties acknowledge that this agreement creates a bridge on the road to Ukraine’s possible membership in NATO,” the document says.

In the text of the agreement, Kiev and Washington agree that Ukraine must constantly invest in the defense industry that meets the standards of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO). The document states that the United States plans to provide military products and intelligence data to the Ukrainian side, as well as train soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and develop Ukraine’s military-industrial complex.

Thus, the USA became the 16th country to sign a security agreement with Ukraine.

Before that, American media reportedHe said the bilateral security agreement would include a clause stating that the United States would hold high-level consultations with Ukraine within 24 hours in the event of a future attack on the country.

Formerly G7 countries approved $50 billion was allocated to Kiev at the expense of frozen assets of the Russian Federation.

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Source: Gazeta


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