USA commented on Trump’s threat to “bomb” Moscow 09:37

Former US President Donald Trump should not become US President again, following statements saying he might bomb Moscow to stop the development of hostilities in Ukraine. About this on your page social network X (formerly Twitter) said former US Army intelligence officer Scott Ritter.

“If your campaign promises include bombing Russia or China, then you can’t be president of the United States. Sorry, Donald,” Ritter emphasized.

On May 29, Trump made a new loud statement regarding the conflict in Ukraine. This time he said that he could bomb Moscow to stop the development of hostilities in Ukraine. Trump talked about this issue not publicly but in a closed circle of his sponsors, convincing them to give him more money. The politician had previously promised to end the conflict within 24 hours and force the parties to come to an agreement with each other. In Russia, Trump’s loud statement is considered ordinary “election” rhetoric. details material “Newspapers.Ru”.

Previously Slutsky appreciated Trump’s statement about the bombing of Moscow.

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Source: Gazeta


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