Trump doubted that Biden would participate in the presidential election 08:53

US presidential candidate Donald Trump has expressed doubts that incumbent President Joe Biden “will even run” for another term due to his mental and physical condition. His words lead the way Top.

“But he’s surrounded by a bunch of Marxists and a bunch of fascists, and they want to keep their jobs and they want to destroy our country. But he [Байден] “He has no idea, he doesn’t know, when you look at him, he doesn’t know where he is,” Trump said.

The Republican expressed doubts that Biden would become the nominee, stating that he “couldn’t even imagine it.”

Before that, US President Joe Biden and his chief rival Donald Trump was traded mutual insults at events held in front of their fans.

As a matter of fact, Joe Biden said in his speech that democracy is in danger in the upcoming presidential elections, that Donald Trump does not know how to lose with dignity and that he is a “loser”.
In response, Donald Trump said that the current head of the White House has a low IQ.

Previously Trump’s headquarters caused a scandal in the United States by publishing a video containing words about the “united Reich”.

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Source: Gazeta


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