The world’s richest families say the threat is bigger than the conflict in Ukraine 08:18

The richest families in the US and Southeast Asia have described tax increases as the biggest threat in the next five years. This is evidenced by the results of a survey by UBS Group AG on family businesses created by the “richest clans in the world” to manage their wealth, according to reports Bloomberg.

The survey was conducted between January and March 2024. 320 people attended. The average net income of each household participating in UBS Group AG’s survey is $2.6 billion.

73 percent of survey respondents identified tax increases from the United States and 59 percent from Southeast Asia as the main risk over the next five years. 55 percent of households in the United States and 52 percent in Southeast Asia cited serious geopolitical conflict as the most important risk.

At the same time, less than half of the respondents consider military conflicts as the most important problem, despite the Palestinian-Israeli conflict or the conflict in Ukraine.

The survey was conducted as governments around the world seek to increase profits from the income of “super-rich” people, according to Bloomberg.

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Source: Gazeta


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