Self-employed aid will exit plan to improve schools

The money for the aid to the self-employed, announced by Generalitat chief Ximo Puig last week to reduce the effects of the war in Ukraine on energy and raw material prices in this group, will be subtracted from the Edificant plan. Commissioned by Consell for the rehabilitation and construction of schools.

For this, DOGV will today issue a decree that amends some additional provisions of the norm governing this plan – the Decree-Law of 5/2017 of October 20 – in order to provide the Ministry of Education with the necessary competencies. redistributing the plan’s budget to improve training centers and channeling it into other actions such as self-employment assistance.

The decree itself justifies this move by making the “execution of loans” granted within Edificant “affected by various circumstances in recent years”, causing the executive to be “far lower than the estimates contained in the approved budgets”.

In this sense, he refers to the pandemic that caused “suspensions and delays” in works in 2020. In addition, he adds that the “current economic situation combined with the extraordinary state of price volatility” has registered “several problems” with other tenders being canceled or contracts already awarded.

Faced with these unemployed funds and an “urgent need” to be faced, Consell understands that she is “supported” by the Supreme Court’s case-law, which upholds her “on various occasions,” according to the text. Provisions of a socio-economic nature through the normative instrument of the decree-law, where a clear and reasonable motivation for the need and urgency of action is appreciated.

In total, 45m euros will be donated to the plan that Puig announced last week, and 300 euros will be given to self-employed self-employed people who are affected by the rise in energy prices and raw materials and run their businesses. From more than 300 epigraphs of the National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAE). According to the calculations of Generalitat, it reaches about 150,000 people.

Source: Informacion


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