Assad said that the USA benefits from the Palestinian-Israeli conflict 14:47

The USA, which is at the head of the West, benefits from the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and watches the development of chaos from the sidelines. Syrian President Bashar Assad stated this in an interview with the Global Majority program. First Channel.

“America benefits from every conflict and then stands aside and watches the growing chaos and waits for the moment when it will be possible to strike a decisive blow,” Assad said.

According to him, US policy is based on the principle of “divide and rule”, so any conflict is to their benefit.

Before this, Syrian leader Assad named The “stupidity” of the West’s attempts to isolate other countries. According to the president, the dollar “began to lose its weight and value.” He believes that Western attempts to isolate other countries have led to the strengthening and weakening of the American currency.

He also expressed the view that these initiatives will continue “until the West realizes that it is the West that is isolating itself.”

Assad before guess Trump’s victory in the US presidential election.

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Source: Gazeta


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