Biden fears the US could go back in time 17:12

US President Joe Biden said that he fears that the country will return to its past if Donald Trump wins the presidential election. TV channel reports this NBC.

“This is a man who wants to take us back to the past. Roe v. In the Wade decision (the decision of the US Supreme Court on the right of women to abortion. – he wants to take us back to the past. “Biden wants to take us back to the past on some issues on which the USA has taken a strong stance for 50-60 years,” he said.

Before this, Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters accused Current President Joe Biden says he “followed” the former US president to the Mexican border, thus trying to absolve himself of responsibility for the biggest immigration crisis. It was noted that Biden made a last-minute insincere attempt to follow Trump to the Mexican border. But this will not help the current president because the country’s citizens know full well that Biden is single-handedly responsible for the worst immigration crisis in US history and the subsequent explosion of crime among immigrants that has affected the entire American society.

Previously Trump won the meetings in Iowa.

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Source: Gazeta


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