Marine Le Pen criticized Macron for his remarks about sending troops to Ukraine 10:27

French political party National Rally President Marine Le Pen criticized President Emmanuel Macron for his statements regarding the possibility of sending European Union (EU) troops to Ukraine. On his page on the social network X (formerly Twitter), he wrote that Macron was “playing the role of a warlord.”

“Emmanuel Macron plays the military leader, but this is about the lives of our children, about whom he speaks so blithely. “This is a question of peace or war in our country,” Le Pen wrote.

He also questioned “whether everyone is aware of the seriousness of such statements.”

Previously Macron didn’t ignore it We are sending troops of Western countries to Ukraine.

Before that, Emmanuel Macron was at a conference in Paris on supporting Ukraine. statedUkraine’s Western allies have formed a coalition to supply Ukraine with long-range weapons. According to his information, the association was established with the aim of attracting all states with defense capabilities and starting the supply of new weapons to Kiev.

Previously The Federation Council described Macron’s statements against Russia as a step towards world war.

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Source: Gazeta


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