Police confiscate minor’s file after eight hours of registration with Equality

Forensic Police agents searched the Ministry of Equality for eight hours last Monday, just a day before the resignation of department head and Consell vice-president Mónica Oltra. The search warrant was issued by Valencia 15th Oltra, who filed the case on 18 June 2021 to investigate whether Equality Ministry officials neglected the abused minor by an educator.

During the extended search, forensic officers thoroughly scanned the case of the minor, which was filed on August 8, 2017. A case that the second part of the Valencia Court convicted of harassment, deeming “extrajudicial” and creating “a case to discredit” “small.” And there is controversy over who ordered it to be opened. Equality Department officials investigated in the case, in their statement, denied that the opening order was the Minister. A general manager also included the file in the case, but now the investigating judge wants to check whether what was provided contains all the documents relevant to the case.

However, on March 7, when he told reporters “that report, file, I commissioned it, leave people alone”, it was Oltra who came under the spotlight. I ordered the briefing file because I needed to know what it was, I told the general manager and the general manager said, ‘Hey, find out what’s going on here’”.

Later, in the defense memo before TSJ, Oltra said that his intervention “arose out of certain statements that were clearly conditioned by the sense of injustice and helplessness he felt in considering that this charge was nothing more than the criminal instrumentalization entailed.” . questioning the professionalism of all involved ministry officials as well as the different professionals involved».

He also recalled in Mónica Oltra’s letter that she had so far argued that the senior investigative officials had always argued that “the above-mentioned information file was opened at the request of the Director-General for Children and Adolescents at the request of his meeting with the Deputy Director.” Children’s General on August 8, 2021 ».

Search warrant

Even so, the original file and a scanned copy are already in the hands of the Judicial Police and Investigation Court 15, who issued the search warrant, in a car dated June 13. A decision that the head of the Investigation Court could take, even if he had sent the reasoned statement to TSJ to investigate Oltra. 15. The Civil Court of First Instance opened a separate secret room for the confiscated documents to be included in the registry, which means that even the parties do not have access to these investigations conducted by the magistrate.

The warrant would have been issued just two days before TSJ assumed jurisdiction over the entire case investigating the management of the Niño Jesús Center’s thirteen officials and workers, in addition to former Equality Minister Mónica Oltra. During the Judicial Police’s visit to the Ministry of Equality, if they learned of a case of abuse, they would also seize the two original instructions, dated 2004 and 2013, when the protocol of action was established. Although they are underage and did not take the case, they would have contributed to the court by the People’s Party.

The first complaint that led to this investigation was made by José Luis Roberto, leader of the far-right party España 2000 and the minor’s lawyer, with a financial request to the Ministry of Equality.

An indictment was also prepared for the seizure of e-mails.

The judicial decision to register the Ministry of Equality was adopted within the framework of a confidential letter filed after the submission of a letter from one of the accusers requesting that certain procedures be followed, according to ministry sources. Court. Supreme of Justice. This petition also requested access to the emails of authorities dealing with the abused child.

Source: Informacion


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