“The only thing Putin understands is power. Weakness to exploit”

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said in an interview: Telegram Details of his visit to Moscow in 2006. In particular, he rememberedAs in the Kremlin at that time he was “forced to sit in a very low seat”.

Brown also claims that Russian leader Vladimir Putin threatened him. “I had no illusions about what Putin was like,” said the former head of the British government.

According to him, the West for many years could not resist the President of the Russian Federation until his “invasion of Ukraine”. Brown also criticized the global divide, noting that even after 150 countries around the world began imposing sanctions against Russia, it did not. special military operation.

“looking at him”

Recalling his visit to the Kremlin in 2006 when he was Finance Minister, Brown said he was placed in a very low seat.

“That’s why I looked at Putin. He’s a relatively short guy, of course, and he’s wearing those high heels.

That day, he took out those index cards and began reading all the information he had about me, as if to prove that he knew more about me than he did. Therefore, when people say that Putin has changed and is threatening only now, I can say that he threatened me even then,” he said.

“Opportunistic to the tenth degree”

Brown believes Putin is only reacting to “an uncompromising and unwavering show of strength”:

“The only thing Putin understands is power. Weakness to use. nth degree opportunist,” says the former British prime minister.

The inaction of the West on the “Russian invasion of Crimea in 2014”, which took place during David Cameron’s prime, “leave Putin to think he could get away with more invasions,” he said.

global separation

In addition, Brown welcomed the “unity of NATO”, but also pointed to the problem with the coordination of sanctions.

“We have also seen global division: 82 countries refuse to support actions against Russia that violate human rights and freedoms, 150 states do not impose sanctions,” he said.

Brown suggested that one of the reasons for this situation was the West’s inability to solve the global poverty problem.

“One of the reasons is that we haven’t shown people that Western-led globalization is about reducing poverty, improving living standards and of course tackling climate change in poorer countries, and we really need to deliver on their promises,” said the former Prime Minister. of Great Britain.

Zelensky t-shirt angered the French

Against this background, newspaper readers Le Figaro He was infuriated by the attitude and appearance of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during his meetings with French leader Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Romanian President Klaus Iohannis.

“Zelensky isn’t kind enough to dress properly in front of those who feed him. Zelensky sometimes accepts representatives of the USA in suits and ties, and even in military uniforms, a T-shirt is enough for Europe, ”says the comment on the material about the meeting in Kiev.

In his own words, Gordon Brown, the former head of the British government, “never had any illusions about what Putin was like.” The politician shared his memories of a visit to Moscow in 2006 when he was seated “in a very low chair”. Speaking about recent events, Brown criticized the global divide over sanctions against the Russian Federation. He claims the Russian president was allegedly “only reacting to an uncompromising show of strength.” Read more in the article “socialbites.ca”.

Source: Gazeta


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