“I fear that the spark of democracy will spill over to Russia.” Scholz tried to explain Putin’s policy

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Russian President Vladimir Putin was afraid to spread the “spark of democracy” to Russia.

In an interview with Münchner Merkur newspaper, the chancellor was asked whether the Russian president would agree to a rapprochement between Ukraine and the European Union.

“Putin seems to be afraid that the spark of democracy might spill over to Russia. For this reason, he pursued a policy aimed at breaking up NATO and the EU for many years,” he said.

According to the Chancellor, the President of the Russian Federation “must recognize that in his neighborhood there is a community of legal democracies, with which the connection is getting closer and closer.”

Scholz expressed the view that the Russian leader wants a return to the policy of a divided Europe and spheres of influence. “But he won’t,” the Chancellor continued. He also noted that he supports the actions of the European Commission recommending that Ukraine be granted candidate status for EU membership.

Scholz also denied Moscow’s claim that the reduction in gas supplies was due to a lack of necessary spare parts due to sanctions. “This explanation is implausible,” said the German Chancellor, warning that rising energy prices are likely to continue for a long time.

Also, Scholz highly appreciated Angela Merkel’s policy regarding her attitude towards Russia.

“I am on the side of my predecessor and I see no reason to doubt his decisions. A policy of peaceful coexistence can never be wrong,” he said.

Russian Foreign Ministry responded to Scholz

Maria Zakharova, representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, commented on Scholz’s words about the fear of the spread of democracy, noting that “German sparks” spread to Russia several times.

“We will not allow any more fires,” he stressed.

Earlier, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the visit of the German Chancellor, French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi to Ukraine as a political demonstration.

What did Putin say about democracy?

During the Eastern Economic Forum in September 2021, Putin said that Western countries are trying to maintain their influence in the world under the slogan of promoting democracy.

“Democracy, if some people need it, the people themselves come to it. There is no need to do this using violence,” he said. For him, the example of Afghanistan was supposed to show the futility of trying to “civilize” other peoples in their own way.

The president has repeatedly spoken about the impossibility of “importing democracy.” Therefore, in 2017, he considered it impossible for the same order to arrive in Russia as soon as in the USA, Germany or France. Putin explained that society should develop gradually.

He also described Russia as a democratic and sovereign country and urged not to demonize it. “It has certain problems, but it also has big advantages,” Putin said in an interview with filmmaker Oliver Stone.

In 2020, the Russian president declared that true democracy and civil society cannot be “the product of the activities of foreign bona fides.” Putin described “imported models of democracy” as fiction devoid of internal content.

On June 17, St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the head of state said: Russia is not against Ukraine’s accession to the European Union.

“The EU, unlike NATO, is not a military organization, a military-political bloc, so we have always said and always said, our position here is consistent, understandable, but we have nothing against it – this is a sovereign decision. Putin said that any country should or should not join economic unions.

At the same time, he noted that it is up to the residents and authorities of this country to decide whether this step will “benefit” Ukraine.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to divide Europe and return to a world dominated by spheres of influence. He urged Putin to “acknowledge that there is a community of legal democracies in his neighbourhood”, and said the Russian leader is afraid of spreading a “spark of democracy” to his country. Putin has repeatedly stated that Western countries are trying to expand their influence in the world under the slogan of promoting democracy.

Source: Gazeta


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