Compromis shows his support for Oltra and encourages him to move forward

The executive committee of the Initiative-Compromís is meeting in an extraordinary manner this Saturday, Monica showed her “reasonable support” to Oltra and his family, and encouraged him to “continue” as Vice President and Minister for Equality and Inclusive Policies.

The coalition held this meeting after the legal indictment against Oltra. management of the case of ex-husband’s abuse of a minor in custody and after announcing his refusal to resign at a press conference this Friday.

In a statement from the coalition, “The presumption of innocence is a democratic conquest” The foundation on which any democratic system rests. To violate this assumption is to question the very essence of democracy and the constitution.”

Notes Complaint to Oltra “result of a campaign of the far-right, subsidized by large multinational corporations with clear political intent. common practice to damage our reputation and intimidate our militancy”.

Oltra is in action this Saturday. George Gil

“Our determination to defend democratic guarantees is vital, as we have seen in other cases, amid the drift of anti-politics and punitive populism that facilitates the legal battle against left-wing political representatives,” he adds.

Formation He thinks Consell’s vice president has “made adequate explanations. He has repeatedly and always shown his willingness to fully cooperate with the administration of justice on the facts now attributed to him, both in the parliamentary sphere and in the media”.

“Transparency is, of course, their usual practice,” they said, later adding that the other thirteen defendants “confirmed one by one.” they always acted freely based on professional judgment.

At this point “also we show the recognition of our people To the professionalism of both Valencian officers and the diverse professionals of non-profit organisations,” the Initiative-Compromís said in a statement.

“Reasonably and lovingly, We know the militancy of this party Mónica Oltra, both for her brilliant career to defend the noblest causes of politics and its immense personal value”.

“It is precisely because of his strong personality and constant political struggle,” they add. Persecuted once again by those who resist change. A change made of small, irreversible revolutions, thanks to his strong and courageous leadership.”

“In addition to support for all this, we encourage him to continue to advocate and develop bold policies that change the lives of people in our country. Continuity is not a personal matterwe are aware of the difficult sacrifices of democratic defense, which we actually ask of you again,” they emphasize.

Source: Informacion


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