Puig: “Now we have to think and decide”

Time to think and decide, calmbut ultimately without going into whether he would have no choice but to fire Consell’s vice-president, Mónica Oltra, following his ministry’s accusation of the case over the administration of Equality and Inclusive Policies. sexual abuse of a minor by her ex-husband. Generalitat chief Ximo Puig spoke in these terms Friday afternoon. In the morning, also the Valencia Executive Spokesperson, made it clear that he did not plan to resign after being summoned to testify as an investigator by the Valencian Community High Court of Justice (TSJCV) on 6 July.

“I think the vice president has been making a lot of statements in parliament and in the media all this time, but now it is clear that there is a new turning point in legal terms. It’s a reflection time“The legal times and political times often don’t overlap,” Puig added. reflect and decide“.

Puig stressed that he had no “communications” issues with Oltra, even Friday morning, which, on the other hand, was logical, coinciding with Consel’s plenary meeting. “We talk to the vice president regularly. not a communication problem. We are dealing with an issue that has a legal journey. “There is a situation that needs to be analyzed now and I will not say anything else,” he said.

In this sense, the mayor of Valencia was questioned by Joan Ribó’s words that he had requested an immediate meeting within his own formation to “think” about Oltra’s situation. “I agree. You have to think about it, because The relevance of this project is a general interest for the Valencian Community, which is very positive.. “This has been a transformational change project that has generated many opportunities, 400,000 more jobs and reputation growth.”

The focus, however, was on measures PSPV could take in relation to the vice president’s dismissal. Neither yes nor no, just “legal and political times sometimes don’t overlap. I’m in favor of calm. Right now, it’s a matter of calm. I understand the urgency of the media and the urgency of the opposition, but they’re not. These are the urgency of the Community of Valencia” found in another region. It is obvious that it is necessary,” he said.

As for the possible pressures, “I’m in the peace zone. Anyone who engages in political action receives legitimate repression.There are differing opinions, but I will always make decisions in the general interest of the Valencian Community”.

Finally, regarding Oltra’s words when he defended his resignation as soon as there was an accusation, “Everyone says what they think. You must be respectful of the decisions made by each person, and each owns his own words and silence.“.

Source: Informacion


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