Russian Ambassador talked about the strategic interests of Russia and Armenia 03:47

Russian Ambassador to Yerevan Sergei Kopyrkin stated that the strategic interests of the Russian Federation and Armenia overlap. He made the relevant statement in an interview RIA NewsYu

According to the diplomat, relations between the two countries remain allied.

He also noted that the Russian Federation and Armenia now have a very comprehensive practical agenda regarding relations, which affects important aspects of the life of the two states and their citizens.

“I believe this is a solid foundation, a solid foundation that provides a margin of safety to our relationships. I also believe that our strategic interests objectively coincide in terms of the main parameters; This has been proven once again by both ancient and modern history. Therefore, I think it is absolutely right for the Russian side to make it clear that our relations must be maintained and maintained, despite all the problems, despite some misunderstandings, despite the efforts of external actors to create cracks in our relations in line with their own opportunistic, geopolitical interests. “We will maintain our allied, strategic character,” Kopyrkin said.

Before that, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov statedWestern countries, which are now actively courting Armenia, want to be friends with this republic against Russia.

Previously in NATO was praised Because Armenia has “moved away” from Russia.

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Source: Gazeta


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