Biden took a photo with a congressman from another state 23:50

US President Joe Biden said that a photo was taken at the event with a woman who was in another state at the time. He writes about what happened at an event in North Carolina RIA News.

“I want to mention Congresswoman Deborah Ross. Where is Deborah? “I just took a photo with him, that’s probably why he left,” the American leader said.

Immediately after this, Biden announced that Deborah Ross could not come because she was in Washington.

“That’s not true. I misunderstood,” the president explained.

The advanced age of the American leader (80 years old) became the reason for many statements about his inability to rule the state. The existence of such doubts to approve Studies on the American population.

Formerly political scientist explainedWhy doesn’t Biden have a chance at a second presidential term?

Biden’s previous assessment fallen It fell to its lowest level during his presidency.

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Source: Gazeta


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