From being fired at Cortes to Consell

Activist on the street and activist on Cortes. Mónica Oltra’s brilliant rise in her political career would be incomprehensible without the irreverent T-shirts, pseudo-exemplary speeches, and outlandish speeches. performances it was, in any case, a turning point in the main political council of the Valencian Community. From the opposition seat, he carved an image of the scourge against corruption waged by Comprom’s parliamentary then-hegemonic People’s Party. Oltra has become a content generating machine that has gone viral on emerging social networks. Whatever his supporters and detractors, his exaggerated way of doing politics has breathed new life into the half bike. His audacity even got him expelled from Parliament at least twice, but the Valencian leader managed to connect with a niche of voters that made possible the overthrow of power in 2015. Botanical Government. Now, seven years later and as vice-president of the Generalitat, warrior Oltra is a victim of his own contradictions, and it’s just right to post videos of the moments when Oltra demands the then-Consell president from the podium. , Francisco Camps had to go home because he was accused.

The lawmakers are demanding the resignation of the T-shirt Oltra. Information

The criminal investigation husband (pending appeal at the Supreme Court), who was already a burden on Mónica Oltra’s shoulders in relation to the management of her ministry in the case of the sexual abuse of a minor protected by the Generalitat, and who was at the time sentenced to five years in prison (pending appeal at the Supreme Court), tangled up the Generalitat’s number two and thus the Botànic project itself. leaving it on. Actually now the opposition, in this case Ciudadanos, has come to go to the Valencian Parliament in T-shirts with Oltra’s face and the phrase “Vete ya”. This is the same tactic the Minister for Equality and Inclusive Policies used before reaching the Executive. One of the most controversial was the dress she wore in May 2009, which eventually became an iconic garment for part of the Valencian left. The camps, printed with the slogan « in English, had a face.SE bus. only live‘, ie ‘Searching. I’m just living.” With this staging, Oltra began revealing in the half-cycle that the Consell president was “escaped politics” because he was avoiding control sessions. I was on a corporate trip to Boston at the time. Miraculous Martinez – who will go to jail for the Fitur case years later – asked him to release it. Oltra replied whether what she wanted was to stay in her underwear. The scene ended with Valencia’s expulsion from parliament, yes, but it made media headlines on the provincial stage.

The other, with other T-shirts he was kicked out of Cortes. EFE| KAI FORWARDING

Nor did he attend a debate organized by the defunct regional television in protest garb with the slogan “”.Channel 9 is manipulating». It happened in May 2011, and the deputy Comprom at the time wanted to denounce the lack of informative pluralism. On this occasion, he remembered going to a Valencia public television set for the first time, after four years as an MP and two and a half years as a spokesperson for the parliamentary group.

T-shirt with screen-printed inscription: «We are not short of money. We have leftover sausages». It happened in February 2012, and the then Speaker of the House, John Cotino He demanded that he remove it – on the occasion of the Pope’s visit to Valencia and also who will be accused of improper recruitment in the Erial case. The result was exactly the same. Order and three calls to the street. And it was all discussed just before the proposal to fail Camps. By then, Oltra had crowned himself as an expert in political staging inside and outside the autonomous geography. Debate after debate, spectacle after spectacle, and his relentless tale of the corruption that plagued the PP, blew a hole in the state scene. In fact, his profile would become quite assertive on some national television channels. busy timeespecially from the watchtower as vice president of Consell from 2015. Then his participation in political meetings where he denounced the waste and conduct of those who put their hands on the box using their public position. its own benefit was common.

Media rage is not what it used to be, as Oltra knew how to exploit it to profit and gain visibility. He remains a relevant political actor, but the criminal investigation into the sexual abuse of a custodial minor and, as of this Thursday, his accusation of allegedly covering up the facts has become a boomerang. He is now at the center of the right’s target, arguing that he has no intention of resigning because, unlike what happened in the PP, his criminal investigation is only for investigation, not corruption. for what it sees as prey from the far right. And this case, he argues, does not force him to take on political responsibilities other than judicial ones, something that is no longer the hallmark of his speech.

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