American congressman calls on Washington to persuade Zelensky to a peaceful solution 02:09

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz said American officials should persuade Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to negotiate peace. The politician wrote this on his social media account. network.

According to Goetz, Washington has already sent a large amount of money to Ukraine. Therefore, the United States needs to tell Zelensky that he should strive for peace.

It was previously reported that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky was invited to speak in front of the US Senate on December 12.

In October, the Washington administration requested additional budget allocations for the 2024 fiscal year to help Israel and Ukraine, as well as to counter China and Russia in the Asia-Pacific region. The total amount that the executive branch of the government led by Democratic President Joe Biden wants to receive for these purposes is approximately 106 billion dollars.

The fate of the demand and alternative bills is still unclear. Some Republicans in the House and Senate have recently opposed continuing financial aid to Kiev.

Previously USA and Ukraine started Negotiations on security guarantees for Kiev.

Source: Gazeta


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