Consell’s recipe for administrative simplification: digitization and outsourcing

Carlos Mazón had two big promises during the election campaign that would enable him to preside over the Generalitat. One is to end what he calls “fiscal hell” in the Valencian Community, the other is to simplify things and streamlining bureaucratic procedures to facilitate economic activities and to avoid endless waiting for citizens in generalA period of one year was set for progress to be made at the Alicante Economy Night. And Consell is working on it. Regarding taxation, steps have been taken in recent months such as the abolition of Inheritance and Gift Tax, reduced rates on Property Transfers and a series of cuts in Personal Income Tax. Work has begun on a road map based on digitalization and outsourcing. The autonomous government is also trying to speed up procedures and strengthen coordination between different departments by taking advantage of new technologies, a strategy combined with agreements with professionals and legal entities that can contribute to them. same goals.

Mazón wanted the first meeting of the full Council, held in Alicante, to be full of symbolism and be an initial signal for the fulfillment of the tax reduction promise, so the initiation of procedures was approved at that session. Abolition of Inheritance and Gift Tax. Personal income tax deductions would then be made for ophthalmology expenses, oral and mental health, and sports practices.and reduced rates and deductions on the Property Transfer Tax to make it easier for young people and women who are victims of sexist violence to buy homes, as well as highly complex chronic diseases and diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Once the process had begun in this sense, it remained to be seen what would happen with the other commitment to streamlining and simplifying bureaucratic procedures, an ambitious and extremely complex goal and for which the clock was already ticking. to meet the one-year deadline to see progress. However, the first step in this direction was taken last October. Creation of a special directorate general for Administrative Simplification, headed by telecommunications engineer Francisco Ortegais already working to eliminate unnecessary steps and shorten deadlines. Always, as the President of the Generalitat himself advocated, for the purpose of facilitating matters such as starting a business, renovating a house or simply interacting with the Administration.

The outlines of the road map are already being drawn and different measures are starting to be implemented. To begin with, one of the main strategies involves the digitalization of different processes. thing to follow Improve coordination and eliminate unnecessary proceduresIt is something that corresponds to the Ministry of Innovation, Industry, Trade and Tourism, especially in matters that require the intervention of different departments, such as issuing permits for the construction of photovoltaic installations, but it also needs reports from technicians of the Ministry of Environment, Water, Infrastructure and Territory.

In fact, the department, led by Nuria Montes, has already launched a digital platform accessible via the internet where documents can be submitted and files can be monitored, always with the aim of preventing copies. A way of working that is intended to be expanded to other departments.

The other leg on which the plan called the Simplifica Plan is based is outsourcing some procedures. For this purpose, negotiations are being held with professional associations and other legal entities to carry out procedures that disrupt the functioning of areas with higher workload. The Ministries of Environment and Innovation are also leading the implementation of such measures.

The regional government also did not rule out increasing the number of staff in the most saturated departments to ensure greater fluidity.

Supporting new legal frameworks

Consell’s plan, aimed at administrative simplification, also includes legislative measures beyond those currently promoted at the level of digitalization and outsourcing. The aim of the regional administration is to combine the regulations currently divided into different laws into a single text. The aim of all this is to avoid duplication of procedures and achieve greater legal certainty.

An example of this is housing. Among the initiatives launched to accelerate apartment construction, the Administration led by Carlos Mazón plans to draft a new autonomous housing law that will reconcile social and sectoral interests, as well as bring together all social and sectoral interests in a single text. Current legislation on the subject.

Consell is also reviewing three decrees supported by Botànic in the same region. The most important of these is the Official Protected Housing (VPO) regulation to increase prices so that average incomes can access such properties, coupled with design and quality regulation and trial and error regulation to facilitate construction activity. and Withdrawal to avoid saturation of regional services due to administrative complexity.

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