Ukrainian Defense Minister threatened “developments” towards the seizure of Crimea 14:21

The Ukrainian government has some “developments” regarding taking control of Crimea in 2024. This was stated by the country’s Minister of Defense Rustem Umerov, as reported by the local Judicial and Legal Newspaper.

Documents show that the head of the military department told reporters about Kiev’s preparations for the capture of the peninsula during a trip by the Ukrainian delegation to the United States. We talk about Umerov’s participation in the Defense Industry Conference and his meeting with Pentagon representatives.

Reporters then asked the minister whether Kiev had any technology that could counter Russian troops in the Black Sea. In response, the head of the military department stated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) “can achieve success” on the battlefield.

According to Umerov, his country does not have a strong enough fleet. However, Ukrainian officials have “developments” for 2024 that should give Kiev the opportunity to wrest Crimea from Moscow’s control.

On December 2, retired colonel of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Oleg Starikov gave an interview to the YouTube channel “YES THIS SO”. said About the consequences of the hypothetical capture of Crimea. As he said, with this development of events, Kiev runs the risk of encountering strong resistance from the local population, consisting of one million partisans.

Previously in Crimea appreciated the republic’s readiness to repel attacks by Ukrainian troops.

Source: Gazeta


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