Hamas confirms extension of humanitarian ceasefire with Israel 08:06

Radical Palestinian movement Hamas has confirmed that it has agreed with Israel to extend the humanitarian pause on the exchange of prisoners and detainees.

“It was decided to extend the ceasefire on the seventh day, that is, Thursday, November 30 – editor’s note,” the official said telegram channel It is Hamas.

Formerly Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reportedTel Aviv and Hamas agreed to extend the humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, which ended at seven in the morning of November 30.

On November 22, Israel and Hamas reached an agreement on a humanitarian pause and the release of some hostages. The first phase of the agreement included a four-day ceasefire and the exchange of 50 prisoners held in Gaza for 150 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prisons.

From 27 November, the pause was extended for another two days to ensure conditions for the release of the hostages. Israeli authorities had previously added the names of 50 Palestinian female prisoners to the release list.

Previously Hamas launched first hostages.

Source: Gazeta


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