Business gives a shoutout to the Executive: Approved for industry and failed for repeaters

The business community of Alicante province did not greet Pedro Sánchez’s new government with enthusiasm. And beyond the approval given to the management profile of the new Minister of Industry and Tourism, Jordi Hereu, Different economic sectors criticize the continuity of other key portfolios such as Treasury and LaborThis is due to the continuation of existing policies regarding tax matters and labor relations. This is on a general level. Going into details, tourism believes that the change of head at the Ministry of Social Rights will improve Imserso trips, while supporters of the project appreciate the government having a specific Housing Department. Farmers are upset that Teresa Ribera remains at the helm of Ecological TransitionDue to the cuts imposed on the Tajo-Segura transfer. And all this amid widespread regret at not increasing the list of Valencian Community ministers beyond Diana Morant’s continuity.

Joaquín Pérez, President of the Valencian Community Business Confederation (CEV) in Alicante. They advocate giving the new Executive a margin of confidenceHe is waiting to learn about their policies, although he does not hide his doubts about continuity in ministries such as Labor and Social Economy.

In the industrial field, Jorge Ibáñez, president of the Federation of Metal Entrepreneurs of the Province of Alicante (Fempa), notes: Appointment of Jordi Hereu as Minister of Industry and Tourism “does not bother me”but he does not feel the same about the departments that will not change, believing that “nothing will change for companies in terms of tax policy and labor relations.”

Marián Cano, president of the Valencian Association of Footwear Entrepreneurs (Avecal), emphasizes: «We would like to have a minister who knows closely the economic reality of the Valencian Community. We understand the investment needs that this region has so that our companies do not lose their competitiveness,” said José Antonio Pastor, general manager of the Association of Spanish Toy Manufacturers (AEFJ). He thinks that it is necessary that the policies implemented should not harm the competitive capacity of national companies. Pepe Serna, president of the Valencian Association of Textile Entrepreneurs (Ateval), agrees with these assessments and the “good feeling” that Jordi Hereu’s appointment has created among businessmen.

Luis Horcajuelo, president of the Mármol de Alicante association, has expectations about the policies that can be implemented from now on. We regret that PSOE left matters such as labor policies in the hands of SumarWe are in a difficult time for companies.

Francisco Ortiz, secretary general of the Alicante Provincial Transport Federation (Fetrama), also expressed regret for the continuity in labor policies and said: “It leaves companies in an inferior position when it comes to negotiating deals.”.

In terms of the tourism sector, Fede Fuster, president of the Hosbec employers’ association, accuses the Government of “destroying social dialogue”. However, he trusts the Minister of Social Rights, Consumption and Agenda 21, Pablo Bustinduy, for the new components of the Government. bet on the improvement of Imserso trips in consensus with the industry “because his predecessor in office, Ione Belarra, openly rejected this“, mint.

Mar Valera, president of the Alicante Provincial Hospitality Entrepreneurs Association (Apeha), thinks the outlook is even darker Believes tax increases will continuebecause “they will have to get the money they need to allocate to fulfill the promises made to the independents from somewhere,” he claims.

Regarding the construction, Jesualdo Ros, secretary general of the Association of Real Estate Developers of the Province of Alicante (Provia), said: We recognize that there is a specific Housing and Urban Agenda portfolioAs he leaves the previous Transport macro ministry, Javier Gisbert, president of the Public Works Federation of the Province of Alicante, is confident that the continuation of salary increase policies will be accompanied by a larger budget allocation for contracts and awards.

Finally, José Vicente Andreu, president of Asaja Alicante, expressed regret for the continuation of Teresa Ribera and said that Luis Planas, who was also involved in agriculture, said:Political will to improve insurance and the power to demand reciprocity in import rules in the EU».

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