Poland suspected Germany of colluding with Ukraine on accelerated accession to the EU 15:49

A secret agreement between Ukraine and Germany on the accelerated accession of Kiev to the European Union is possible. In an interview with the publication on this subject Finance Times said Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Arkadiusz Mularczyk.

According to him, there may be a “secret agreement” between Ukraine and Germany that with a change of government in Poland “Kiev will have the opportunity to accelerate its accession to the European Union.”

Mularczyk also believes that the “close cooperation” between Warsaw and Kiev following the outbreak of the Ukrainian conflict became “dangerous for German dominance” in Europe.

The representative of the Polish government, Peter Müller, stated the previous day that there would be differences of opinion between Warsaw and Kiev, so this was impossible. exclude “harder months” in their relationship.

Before this, Marcin Przydacz, head of the International Policy Bureau of the Polish Presidential Office, said that Kiev: not worth it The deterioration of relations with “reliable partners”, the establishment of connections in Europe and disrespect for Warsaw’s interests could affect his every decision.

On September 26, Polish state television TVP’s correspondent in Brussels, Dominika Kosich, reported that Germany and France were with the help of Ukraine. can commit Coup in Poland.

Formerly political scientist explainedWhy did a conflict break out between Ukraine and Poland?

Source: Gazeta


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