Case related to October 9 attacks postponed due to inconsistencies with restraining orders

The trial regarding the violence committed in 2017 by a group of far-right and neo-Nazi ideology sympathizers during the traditional demonstration in favor of the Valencian language on 9 October was postponed due to inconsistencies with the applicable restraining orders. It appears that 26 of the 28 defendants were covered in the eligibility agreement.

While two of the defendants continued to maintain their innocence, the other 26 defendants intended to admit the facts in order to get a reduction in their sentences without going to prison. However, inconsistencies in the restraining orders to be added to the penalties jeopardized these agreements and the oral hearing had to be postponed and a new date was set as March 4, 2024.

With the agreement reached by the defense of the majority of the defendants, the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office and the special accusations, the defendants will avoid going to prison for now. All this is now up in the air when one observes some defenses that the certificate of conformity includes a ban on approaching less than 300 meters from the headquarters of the associations calling for demonstrations and any demonstrations they call. As one of the defense noted, the defendant was effectively exiled from the capital of Túria.

According to the sources consulted by this newspaper, the execution of these people’s prison sentences may be postponed on the following condition: jointly pay legal liability and expensesThey must not have committed a crime within 3 years. Many offered these settlements, or parts of them, in the final days before the trial to secure reduced sentences. Moreover, each of the defendants is taking a retraining course on Human Rights, all of whom are now paralyzed.

The Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office initially requested a prison sentence of 3 to 7.5 years. hate crimes, coercion, injuries, threats and disruption of public order. Among the defendants who will reach the agreement is Vicente Javier EC, alias ‘El Alfarrasí’, who faces a sentence of seven and a half years in prison. Another person for whom the sentence could be significantly reduced was the president of the Curva Nord association, for whom the prosecutor requested the same sentence.

At the gates of the City of Justice Rally with banners against fascism The defendant was admitted in an atmosphere of tension where strong police deployment prevented any attempt at conflict between radicals and anti-fascists. ‘El Alfarrasí’, the former leader of Yomus, a defunct ultra group of Valencia CF, confronted the protesters and addressed them with a “don’t cry” gesture.

The incidents date back to 2017, when in the days before the October 9 celebrations, one of the defendants, a journalist with a large following on television and radio programs, published messages on his social networks urging people with similar ideology to go to Plaza San. Agustín went to Valencia to boycott the evening demonstration organized by Comissió 9 d’Octubre in favor of ‘Valencià’.

“I want to experience a historical moment; on the 9th, the first year for Valencia without Estelada. I trust you? Pza. San Agustín 9-X-17”, “The independents woke up the giant. Valencia WAKE UP!” or “NOT IN VALENCIA!” The image of an Estelada flag with a cross on it is some of the evidence provided by the accusations regarding this call that incites hatred on social networks. This defendant, one of the two people who did not recognize the facts, faces three years in prison.

This call was answered by a large group of people gathered behind the ‘Yomus CN10’ banner next to the Mestalla football field on the morning of October 9. In the prosecutor’s office’s letter, it was stated that the community went to the city center to prevent the demonstration from developing and to confront the participants due to their ideology.

The actions of these people, who scolded the protesters and ran towards their location despite the police cordon, caused the cordon to collapse. This led to a stampede that made the normal course of the planned demonstration impossible.

However, after the police intervention, the demonstration continued to move towards Colón Street and the protesters were protected by the Police at all times. Although it could not conclude as planned, the manifesto was supposed to end in the Plaza de América with the reading of the statue of King Jaume I in the Plaza de Alfonso el Magnánimo.

At around 5 p.m., while the demonstration was being organised, several Diari Jornada workers or collaborators were setting up an information desk for the newspaper on the side of a kiosk when they were scolded by a defendant wearing a Spanish flag as a cape. . He then asked them who they were, what they were doing, and tried to seize the packaged copies.

Meanwhile, another defendant attacked the journalists and called them to take their materials in the square, where a large group of people, obviously with National Socialist tattoos and shouting with their arms raised, gathered. It was the propaganda of the Committee of Union and Progress.

At the same time, a defendant tried to take the material from them and threatened to cut their throats with a knife in his hand. While one of the journalists was recording, a person with his face completely covered pushed him and threw him to the ground.

Minutes later, attacks and punches against those participating in the demonstration continued. For example, several defendants pursued two protesters and kicked one of them so hard that he tripped, causing him to fall to the ground and his friend to fall as well. When they arrived, they were attacked with a four-bar flagpole. Another protester intervened to defend the victims, and multiple defendants jumped on him and cornered him.

On the other hand, various defendants jumped on a graphic editor who was photographing the events and snatched his camera. They threw him to the ground and prevented him from getting up by throwing a table and a sign of a bar on the same street. Another defendant addressed a journalist who recorded the incident on his mobile phone and made a gesture representing this, while at the same time saying “I will cut your neck” to an unidentified woman. There is hot liquid on it.

Source: Informacion


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