Consell buys the harbor’s former sanitation building to start the Democratic Memory Institute

this Valencia Institute of Democratic Memory, Human Rights and Public Liberties He took an important step this Monday morning. Regional Minister for Inclusion and Transparency, Rosa Pérez Garijo, received the keys to the project. former Foreign Health building Generalitat of the port, which has not been used for years and where the new institute will be located, will thus begin the rehabilitation of the property with the aim of putting it into operation next year before the end of the current legislature.

“It has cost a lot to come here, there have been many obstacles and problems. “We finally got the keys before Pérez Garijo met with the head of the Port Authority this morning.” Consellera’s roadmap shows the project will be completed in June and work could begin in an estimated seven to eight months. “This building is very important. We did many procedures to find a place with Alicante City Council, but this was always the first option. We’re so glad it can finally happen because the port has many symbols”, added the Consell representative.

Source: Informacion


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