The USA feared a new division in Europe due to the conflict between Poland and Ukraine 12:32

Support for Ukraine from European countries may end due to Poland’s decision not to arm Ukrainian troops. writes about this CNN.

According to the author of the article, public disagreements between Western countries show that the West is divided and as such this is “absolutely beneficial for the Kremlin.”

In conclusion, the channel states that Poland’s behavior makes us think about Europe’s decision to supply weapons to Ukraine.

The cooling of relations between Poland and Ukraine occurred due to Warsaw’s decision to ban the import of Ukrainian grain into the country.

On September 15, the European Commission extended the embargo on grain supplies (but not transit embargo) from Ukraine to Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. Representatives of Poland, Hungary and Slovakia did not agree with this opinion and limited the import of Ukrainian grain at the national level, explaining their decision by protecting the interests of farmers. In response, Ukraine filed a lawsuit with the World Trade Organization, accusing Poland, Hungary and Slovakia of discriminatory treatment of Ukrainian agricultural products.

Later, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced that Ukraine was no longer receiving Polish weapons because Warsaw had decided to arm itself. The United States did not approve of Poland’s decision and demanded an explanation. More details in the material “Newspapers.Ru”.

Formerly political scientist explainedWhy did a conflict break out between Ukraine and Poland?

Source: Gazeta


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