Da Silva goes to Russia and invites Putin to Brazil 05:13

Da Silva goes to Russia and invites Putin to Brazil 05:13

The publication reported that President Lula da Silva invited his counterpart, Russian President Vladimir Putin, to visit Brazil and announced his decision to go to the next BRICS summit in Russia. first post.

Da Silva noted that Putin has already received an invitation and he hopes other world leaders will come to Brazil next year.

“From now on, I hope they all come to the G20 summit in Brazil and feel the atmosphere of peace, see that we love music, carnival, football and we love to warmly welcome guests,” Da Silva said.

Answering the question of how Putin will come to Brazil since the country is a member of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Da Silva noted that the Russian President can easily come as he will guarantee Putin’s security as the president of Brazil.

Previously Brazil predicted difficulties Because of the division in the G20 over Ukraine.

Previously in Ukraine reputed The “war sponsor” company is Bacardi.

Source: Gazeta


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