Benidorm Cultural Center in limbo: City Council continues without taking over the work

Like the history of a cultural macroproject that was so prevalent before the Great Recession, it has recently been punctuated by a thousand and one disturbances and incidents. 17 years. This is how the history of Benidorm Cultural Center, whose story began to be written in 2005, can be summarized. Generalitat and Benidorm City Council signed the protocol of intentions for the construction of a cultural center, and even today the result is not defined. Currently, Benidorm Cultural Center is still in limbo. The execution of the first phase works, which were completed at the end of last year, the end of the job was signed in February and the new job posting became official in April and transferred to the Consulate. However, at this point the City Council not only bought the infrastructure, but also the mixed meeting between A’s representatives.local government and Valencia Community Thematic Projects Association (SPTCV), the publicly traded company that oversaw the construction of the complex. The situation has come to such a point that the General Manager of Thematic Projects, Antonio Rodes (PSPV-PSOE)after two requests to the mayor, Toni Perez (PP), took one more step to collect this hash commission and thwart the situation. He has now sent you a letter that he has somehow come to give an ultimatum to resolve the situation immediately, otherwise they will go further to try to unblock the situation. It does this after the local Administrator has not responded to the previous two requests, as stated in the letter from SPTCV.


The exterior and interior works of the first phase have been completed since last September.
David’s Revenge

The fact that the City Council has not taken a step for the time being is the complex that Generalitat has invested so far. 33 million €remains closed even though the first phase has finished executing. In parallel with this, it is Consell who undertakes the 24-hour surveillance, maintenance and liability insurance to prevent damage to the building. On valuation or furniture commissioned by Thematic Projects.

After all, at the end of April, part of the building’s roof fell off, something from SPTCV attributed to the breaking of a faucet on the second-floor patio. Here’s an event that adds to everything that has happened in recent years, forcing the public company to negotiate with the construction company to repair the damage: work stoppage for ten years until its existence squattersThe works had to be put out to tender without forgetting the effects of the negotiations with the old construction company and the architect or the complaint from the Seopan employers association that led to the cancellation of the Tragsa commission. supply chain failureThis delayed the end of the work.

Therefore, in the letter, it is claimed that a mixed commission meeting should be held so that the process of taking over the facilities can be shelved, along with the transfer of a building that is not used today to the municipality. In fact, Antonio Rodes himself emphasizes that “from a political point of view, the Cultural Center is a project that the Generalitat and PP decided to run in Benidorm, not in other cities, and were stuck until they reached a dead end. President Ximo Puig said it was a personal commitment. and took it up again as it was a sign of Consell’s commitment to Benidorm».In this sense, he adds, “it seems very clear that a lot of effort has been made to get things done, but the City Council doesn’t want to take the job”. Regarding the stance of his administration, Rodes described himself as “what It makes sense for them to tell us what problems they have to finish the process, however, this attitude is incomprehensible because what they are doing is clearly holding an asset. bandit».

Investment of more than 33 million euros

City Council and Thematic Projects By signing a protocol of intent in 2017 and a cooperation protocol a year later, it was agreed that the first project of 45 million would be undertaken, albeit partially, not fully. The first phase with functional and aesthetic feasibility. This meant that another 12 million had to be added to the 15 million invested so far. This, along with other liaison, compensation and other expenses, has increased Consell’s investment to €33m today.

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