Puig, on his brother’s accusation: “If any irregularities are observed, Generalitat will demand compensation or whatever corresponds.”

Consell president, Ximo Puig, today at the Generalitat Valenciana. not “related” In the legal case that jumped out to his brother Francis Puig, who testified in court this morning on allegations of subsidy fraud and forged documents related to the receipt of public aid. But the regional head assured him that if any irregularities that harm the Valencian Administration were observed, the Generalitat would demand compensation or anything corresponding. Because he emphasized that any company in the Group should make a “who is working, who is working” statement in the face of such problems.

The lawsuit brought against one of the companies led by the brother of the Consell president was supported by the People’s Party, which used the lawsuit as a line of attrition against Botànic and Puig in particular. Asked for a relative’s explanation, the regional leader emphasized that the Generalitat was not affected by this issue.

“The PP tried to involve the Generalitat in this and Justice slammed the door on PP,” his brother said in Valencia City of Justice, in a public call developed by the leader of the PSPV. There, Francis Puig’s lawyer said he was willing to explain the “doubts” and “numerous errors” in the Civil Guard’s Central Operations Unit (UCO) report, on which a significant part of the investigation was based. In this context, it was Puig who held a press conference open to questions from the media.

In this context, the Consell chairman wanted to make it clear that, while criticizing the PP’s “mode of action”, it was “an issue that was very clear from the outset for Generalitat”. with their complaints.

For the rest, he assured that the Valencian government would always abide by judicial decisions and that any company in the Community should have “the same duties and the same rights”. “No matter who works, it is a company that has to make the necessary explanations.‘ he claimed.

In this line, Consel’s chairman emphasized that “of course Generalitat will demand compensation or whatever corresponds” if irregularities are observed at a given time.

Puig stressed a message he’s always stressed, and that’s since Botànic came to power, “We’ve shown that we’ve been here to build the reputation of the Valencian Community since 2015, we do, and we will always do that. whoever is affected”.

In this case, the 4th Administrative Court of Valencia investigates the possible granting of fraudulent subsidies by the Generalitat Valenciana, the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Government of Aragon to the commercial companies Comunicacions dels Ports, Mas Mut, Canal Maestrat, Nova CB and Kriol. Productions between 2015 and 2018.

Puig’s brother appears before judge for alleged subsidy fraud

Valencia Order Court No. 4 will hear as an investigator this Monday from Francis Puig, brother of Generalitat chairman Ximo Puig, in an open case over an alleged subsidy fraud and false documentation.

On Wednesday, it will be Juan Enrique Adell Bovell’s turn, partner and director of Channel Maestrat. Generalitat Valenciana, brother of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the head of the Government of Aragon.

In addition to Puig and Adell, Rubén Trenzano, director general for Language Policy at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, appears to be under investigation.

The president of the court in question requested information on the accounting of several companies from the Valencia, Catalan and Aragonese governments, as well as the Treasury, to investigate the various types of subsidies received by the businessmen in question between 2015 and 2018.

Specifically, subsidies for the promotion of the Valencian language, the promotion of youth employment, the publication of digital media in Catalan or Aranese, and Leader assistance for local development are being sought.

In April, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office requested to determine the amount of aid received by Francis Puig’s companies if it exceeded 120,000 euros, as in that case these events could be framed as a subsidy offense and one to one person could be jailed. If extradition is not made before the investigation is started, it is punished with a fine of five to six times.

The companies Comunicacions dels Ports, Mas Mut Production and Canal Maestrat have received compliant subsidies from the autonomous governments of the Community of Valencia and Catalonia, as long as they do not exceed the cost incurred.

In the reports included in the summary of the case, the Civil Guards noted four types of allegations of irregularity in the justification of expenditures incurred in order to qualify for those subsidies (cross-billing, bills for ineligible expenditure, justification of the same expenditure by various administrations, and negligence). the fact of having received grants for the same projects).

Therefore, Anti-Corruption requested the Intervention services of the relevant Administrations to produce audit reports, taking into account the supporting documents regarding the subsidies received by each of these companies between 2015-2018.

After hearing the subpoena, the company Comunicació dels Ports issued a statement stating that the investigators’ “doubt” was limited to “a very limited number of invoices” and “will be resolved by a future court order, which will be requested shortly”.

Similarly, it was insisted that “such suspicions in no way led to any criminal commission”, and warned that “the police report was confusing when there was talk of double attribution of expenditure on subsidies from the Valencia Generalitat”. Catalan Generalitat, the fact that the same invoices are issued in this or that administration, and in no case with objective data the same expense has not been fully or doubled subsidized by both administrations”.

Finally, this company underlined that the controls carried out by the Anti-Fraud Agency in 2020 resulted in a favorable decision without any return procedure instructions by the administration. EFE

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