“This is a crime”: in Russia, the Polish Prime Minister was accused of fascism for his words about the “Russian World”

“Russian World” is cancer”

In the Morawiecki Telegram column WroteAfter the collapse of the USSR, “everyone fell into happy oblivion”, believing that peace reigned in the world. But in Moscow “work was underway to resurrect the demons of history.” And “today, the haunted ghosts of the 20th century have risen again over Ukraine.”

According to the Polish politician, the paradox of the last century lies in the fact that the more advanced a civilization appears, “the more monstrous it manifests itself.” He cited communism in Nazi Germany and Russia as examples of “the greatest tragedies in human history”.

According to him, “the illusion that history cannot repeat itself was dispelled on February 24 this year.”

“What happened in Ukraine means the return of goddamn ideologies. The irony of this story is that Putin built a new Russian imperialism on the basis of the myth of victory over Nazism, and his propaganda described the aggression against Ukraine as an operation to “authorize” the country,” the Polish politician says.

He is sure that the ideology of the “Russian World” allows the Russian Federation to “justify fictitious rights and privileges for their country.” And on top of that it is based on the story of the “special historical mission of the Russian people”.

Russkiy Mir is a cancer that not only destroys much of Russian society, but also poses a deadly threat to all of Europe. Therefore, it is not enough to support Ukraine in its military struggle with Russia. “We must completely dismantle this terrible new ideology,” said Morawiecki.

The denazification of Morawiecki

Irina Yarovaya, Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma, criticized Morawiecki’s words.

“The essentially fascist expression of the Polish Prime Minister is not just his personal embarrassment, but his betrayal of the memory of thousands of Poles destroyed by Hitler and Bandera, as well as thousands of Poles rescued by a Soviet soldier. According to Yarovaya, the press service of the United Russia party, this is a crime.

According to him, “the degree of Russian hostility went off the scale in all barometers.”

“The Russian world is millions of people. To “destroy” ideology? About what? To take away language, soul, faith, compassion, family ideals, kindness, life? The crime is that the Prime Minister offered to eliminate all this at his call,” he stressed.

Yarovaya also believes that hatred towards any person should be condemned as extremism and suppressed, especially if such calls come from a high-ranking official.

In response, Adalbi Shkhagoshev, a member of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption, told RIA Novosti that Morawiecki should be “minorized”.

“The time has come to introduce a new form of de-Nazification, not necessarily geographical in nature, as in Ukraine, but extended to the people and politicians who engage in such discourse,” said Parliament. Said.


Morawiecki has repeatedly opposed the policy of the Russian authorities. Therefore, he suggested that EU countries stop issuing visas to Russians, and also announced his intention to “Russify” the Polish economy. At the same time, the politician said at the end of April that “Russia unfortunately copes well with sanctions”.

“In this context, Poland is trying to streamline the process of drafting the next sanctions packages,” said Morawiecki.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki declared the need to destroy the “Russian World” as a “monstrous new ideology”. The State Duma of the Russian Federation accused him of fascism and at the same time proposed to create a new form of de-Nazis for politicians engaged in such rhetoric.

Source: Gazeta


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