This is what Consell looks like: the new ministers of the last year of the legislature

This Botànico II renewed. The departure of four ministers from the Valencia government this week has forced Consell chairman Ximo Puig to select new owners for regional portfolios with vacancies. Vincent Marzauntil this week the head of Education ushered in the week of changes in the hard core of the Valencian government to face the final year of this legislative assembly.

Vincent Soler (tax authorities), Main Barcelona (Health and Caroline Pascual (Universities) are, in the case of Barceló, other ministers who have left the Valencian government to take on the responsibility of the PSPV’s trusteeship in Corts Valencianes. David Spain, so far in Land Policy, will relieve Soler in Finance. Portfolio will be undertaken by the Sustainable Economy regional secretary, Rebecca Torro.

This is how the new Consell de la Generalitat Valenciana looks after the changes in May 2022 LIFT-EMV

Arcadi Spain expels Soler from Treasury

Arcadi Spain, until now Minister of Land Policy, is one of the Consell president’s most trusted men. Spain had offered to be “where Puig wanted”, Alfons García reports today, and the president chose him to replace Vicen Soler, who left the Valencia manager seven years later to head one of the most important portfolios.

This internal move led to the need for another appointment to become Minister of Infrastructure, with Rebeca Torró, who was dismissed as regional secretary for Sustainable Economics.

Raquel Tamarit will lead the training

An evening meeting at Compromís following Marzà’s resignation appointed the new head of the Ministry of Education within hours. Raquel Tamarit, who has been the regional secretary for Culture and Sport until now, will take over from Marzà. Close to the current spokesperson in Congress, Joan BaldoviTamarit was the mayor of Sueca. Academic education is teaching.

Miguel Mínguez Pérez will direct Sanitat

Until the last minute, secrecy reigned around the relief of Ana Barceló. At the end of this week, it was announced to the public that Barceló de Sanitat will leave after leading the portfolio in the toughest years as a result of the coronavirus pandemic that has affected the world. According to the surveys, Barceló, II. He was one of Botànic’s best-known ministers and most esteemed ministers. Now, Sax’s former mayor will become PSPV’s trustee in Corts Valencianes after Manolo Mata’s departure.

The head of the Generalitat was responsible for announcing the name of the person who would replace Barceló. It will be Miguel Mínguez Pérez, Researcher at the Health Research Institute (Incliva) and professor at the University of Valencia.

Josefina Bueno takes Universities portfolio

Josefina Bueno, so far district senator of the Commonwealth of Valencia, will be the one to dismiss Minister Carolina Pascual. Bueno will be responsible for the management and control of the Ministry of Universities and Innovation, headquartered in Alicante. Bueno accepted the challenge proposed by Ximo Puig after attending a meeting in Palau that ended late this Friday afternoon. The woman from Alicante appeared in all the pools to be in charge of a department she knew well. According to María Pomares and MA Rives, the last legislature was in charge of the University, the Directorate-General for Research and Science.

Thus, Pascual closes a phase that began in Botànic’s second term, when the Consell president formalized his personal commitment to give the state more weight and move along the lines of institutional decentralization he advocated. However, it has not finished having the desired projection and visibility in a region considered key.

The woman from Elche was about to resign before completing her first year of office as a result of the Ministry of Economy held by Compromís and finally had 50 million in her budget for Innovation.

Ximo Puig to explain the changes to Consell during his appearance. PACO CALABUIG

Botànic remains that way after changes in Consell.

  • President of the Generalitat: Ximo Puig.

  • Vice President and Minister for Equality and Inclusive Policies: Monica Oltra.

  • Second Vice-President and Minister of Housing and Bioclimatic Architecture: Hector Illueca.

  • Minister of Finance and Economic Model: David Spain (replaces Vicent Soler).

  • Minister of Justice, Interior and Public Administration: Gabriela Bravo.

  • Minister of Education, Culture and Sports: Raquel Tamarit Iranzo’s photo. (replaces Vicent Marzà).

  • Minister of Universal Health and Public Health: Miguel Minguez (replaces Ana Barceló).

  • Minister of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Labor: Raphael climate.

  • Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition: Mireia Molla.

  • Minister of Land Policy, Public Works and Mobility: Rebecca Torro (replaces Arcadi Spain).

  • Minister of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society: Josephine Good (replaces Carolina Pascual).

  • Minister for Participation, Transparency, Cooperation and Democratic Quality: Rose Perez Garijo.

Source: Informacion


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