US approves bill raising debt ceiling 06:27

The United States Senate has passed a bill that raises the national debt ceiling to avoid default in the country. The meeting has been published C-SPAN.

It was noted that 63 members of the upper house of Congress supported the initiative, while 36 members voted against it.

“The bill has been approved,” said the presiding officer.

Previously, the U.S. House of Representatives accepted bill to raise the debt ceiling. More than 314 lawmakers voted for this bill, while 117 did not approve it.

Prior to that, President of the United States Joe Biden said that the new ceiling of the US government’s debt to GDP would be approved by Congress. to go According to the plan.

The deal includes defense between the Biden administration and the Republican Party in the coming fiscal year. to allocate $886 billion, including $121 billion for medical care for veterans and $637 billion for other non-defense programs.

Source: Gazeta


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