Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented on US steps on START 04:26

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Washington said that the Russian Foreign Ministry will not change its stance on the announcement of countermeasures regarding the Strategic Agreement on Measures to Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Assault Weapons (START). It has been reported TASS.

The diplomatic mission stressed that the Russian side has taken into account the countermeasures of the USA in START, but they will not affect Moscow’s position in any way.

“There is only one way to renew the agreement, and this is well known to our colleagues. The statement said that Washington must abandon its hostile course and its intention to inflict a “strategic defeat” on Russia.

Earlier, it was learned that the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance notified Washington from June 1. stops the transmission START information on Russia, the status and position of its strategic weapons.

The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty is the only document limiting the nuclear powers of Russia and the United States, which currently hold most of the world’s nuclear stockpiles. Moscow decided to suspend its participation in the agreement at the end of February 2023. START-3 expires on February 5, 2026, it can be extended for a period of five years by mutual agreement of the parties.

Source: Gazeta


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