Poroshenko seeks condition for possible peace talks between Kiev and Moscow 21:35

Only if the West accepts Ukraine into the European Union and NATO can Ukraine begin negotiations with Moscow to end the war. This view was expressed by the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at the Kiev Security Forum, quoting the Strana.ua edition.

“My message for the summit in Vilnius is not about negotiations, but about achieving results. When we become a member of the EU, the negotiations will be completed,” he said.

Poroshenko urged not to be afraid of Russian President Vladimir Putin and not be afraid to “provoke” him. Also, we should not be afraid of Ukraine’s NATO membership, because that would mean Ukraine’s victory.

He urged the Kiev authorities to comply with EU recommendations. Poroshenko also expressed confidence that his message will be heard in Vilnius and that the country will eventually achieve EU membership.

NATO and the EU in January has been finalized Joint statement of support to Ukraine

The NATO summit will be held in Lithuania in July. Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for Political Affairs saidWhat Ukraine should expect from this event.

Source: Gazeta


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