PSPV takes to the streets to prevent PP from profiting from the transfer fight

Senior staff of PSPV-PSOE predictably, Demonstration to defend the Tajo-Segura transfer will be held next Tuesday 17 May in front of the sub-delegation of the Government in Alicante. The party, led by Ximo Puig, intensified its commitment to make visible its position to continue protecting water contributions received by the state, particularly in Vega Baja, the region most affected by the Tagus Hydrographic Confederation’s decision. raising the ecological flow at the head of the river and therefore reducing the water distribution. Valencia wants socialists right to block, especially PP, Take advantage of the fight to protect this resource. They will therefore reinforce their actions to try to reflect that they are not only trying to maintain the continuity of the transfer by fighting in court, but also trying to win the battle in the street. And they’re going against the clock.

The day before the expected crowd, PSPV-PSOE will hold National Executive Commission meeting in Orihuela. with the most prominent party officials and the next day, Tuesday, many are assumed to attend the concentration in the state capital. A concentration on which the Government of Pedro Sánchez, ultimately the state leader of the Socialists, will be necessary to prevent this insult to the state. Also, according to party sources, next Friday, Regional Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development and Director of the Valencian Agricultural Development and Guarantee Department, Roger LlanesHe will take part in the defense of the era in Alicante, who also manages the Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Secretariat of the PSPV-PSOE; On Saturday, it will be the state’s secretary general, Alejandro Soler, who will spearhead another protest action. All after the PSPV-PSOE decided to submit motions in all municipalities of the Community of Valencia for the Government to reconsider its decision. However, it’s a strategy that doesn’t seem like enough for his speech to penetrate the public.

However, it is considered in various socialist circles that the party’s position does not reach the citizens as it should, and instead, the PP led by Carlos Mazón gains in this regard. In addition, in Vega Baja in particular, there is concern how this issue, where Vox has intensified its actions by placing agriculture at the center of the discussion, could be hurt deep down.

Discussions on the transfer cut and the new crime against the province are scheduled today in the Valencian Parliament, where the PP parliamentary group called Ximo Puig’s proposal for a committee of experts to consider the transfer as “mocking”. del Tajo-Segura, Compromís and Unides Podem accused the popular of waging a “water war”.

Deputy trustee of Compromis, MoreHe stated that the PP’s position “responds to Carlos Mazón’s visualization strategy, which nobody knows about”, assuring that it “relates to this topic and Valencia, particularly in the south of the Community, where it could be stronger”. “.

Mas reiterated his formation in favor of the transfer of Tajo-Segura, “the only measure that guarantees the survival of agriculture” in the southern regions of the Community, and supported the position of the Minister of Agriculture, Mireia Mullahadvocating for transfer and supporting farmers by “mediating everything possible”.

The Board of Trustees meeting was held today at Cortes. Information

“We are talking about a very serious issue involving hundreds of jobs and millions of euros,” Mas insisted, demanding that there be no discussion about it, but “if there is no political channel for dialogue, if there is no political channel for this issue, it will be necessary to go to court.”

For his part, the trustees of Unides Podem, column limehe also complained that PP is using the water issue to “muddy” water, stressing that water is a “limited” resource and that agriculture in Alicante regions must be achieved through “responsible and sustainable use” of that same water. .

Lima also defended Puig’s proposal to form an expert group to examine all transfer alternatives, saying it “must be done in the best possible way in the farmers’ interest.”

On behalf of PP’s Deputy Sindic, Miguel BarrachinaHowever, he said the committee was “a mockery and an offer to laugh at the Valencians as they did in reforming the financial system” and asked Puig to “stand up” and demand “bigger” before the Spanish Government. “Water quantity and better quality” for the community.

trustee of Ciudadanos (Cs), Ruth MerinoHe considers the debate over transfer “ultimately about the lack of solidarity between autonomous communities” and has proposed a National Hydrological Plan “the result of political compromise and the outcome of autonomous communities resolving this injustice”.

For its part, Vox’s board of trustees Main Vegahe also joined the demand for a draft National Hydrological Plan solving the distribution of water that “belongs to all”, and denounced the PSOE’s “new betrayal” of the Community and especially the province of Alicante. being a desert by these governments”.

Both Ciudadanos and Vox have announced that they will be attending the show in Alicante on May 17 to defend the Tajo-Segura transfer. For his part, PSPV deputy spokesperson, carmen martinezHe announced that the socialists would also attend the rally to “continue to demand water equal to us from reconciliation and solidarity”.

Martínez lamented that the PP seemed to be “only trying to divide society by wars where they had nothing to gain” and stated that he and President Ximo Puig would continue to advocate the PSPV-PSOE transfer to “bet on the dialogue and listen to the experts”. , to get all the resources we need.

“The PP must stop blaming and cooperating,” said the socialist deputy.

Source: Informacion


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