Russian Ambassador Kelin: Britain will not refuse to supply depleted uranium shells to Ukraine20:21

Andrei Kelin, the Russian Ambassador to the UK, believes that it will be difficult for London to refuse to supply Kiev with shells containing depleted uranium. He said this in an interview TASS.

“After the announcement of the use of low-enriched uranium shells, it will be officially difficult, if not impossible, for the British to get off the road for the British,” said Kaelin.

According to him, British troops have been using such shells since the 1990s, they used them in the Persian Gulf and in Yugoslavia.

For the Russian side, as the ambassador stressed, “the British will not return, this is an escalation” which includes the danger of chemical contamination for the Ukrainian population, there is also a risk. pollution of farmland

According to him, there will be disagreements on this issue, but ammunition will continue with the Challenger 2 tanks.

The Russian ambassador also expressed the view that there can be no dialogue between Moscow and London on this issue, “because our relations are of a confrontational nature.” There are no such weighty considerations that could force them to abandon established military practices,” he added.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the UK plans to supply depleted uranium-containing ammunition to Ukraine. will lead To negative consequences for the army, population and agriculture of Ukraine.

Source: Gazeta


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