Ciudadanos criticizes negotiations and ends renewal of advisory bodies

Mamen Peris completes negotiations for advisory bodies

Mamen Peris completes negotiations for advisory bodies

End. This word citizens started negotiations for the renewal of the advisory bodies. The People’s Party drift left the options to reach an agreement which affected a week ago and this morning the C’s trustee in the Valencia Courts, Mother Peris, closed all possibilities after the meeting. The head of the formation also said, “The C’s did everything to compromise, even resigned from our candidates, but neither PP nor Botànic want a deal.”

Peris pointed out that it is “unfortunate” that they “use institutions in this way”. “The PP and PSOE separate the judges, the television channels or the data protection agency when they want it, but that shows they are using the election calculator,” he said. “Those who do not know how to dialogue and agree, who do not know how to think about the general interest beyond the interests of the party, wonder whether they are ready to lead the Valencian Community,” said Ciudadanos’ candidate for the Generalitat. .

Moreover, Mother Peris He announced that he would withdraw all candidates from this negotiation, including the candidate the Cs had proposed for the Valencia radio and television board. “We won’t be on Botànic’s or PP’s crutches,” he explained, “it’s not about seats, it’s about dialogue and consensus. We take this seriously and tried it out until the last minute.”

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