Focus: NATO’s exercises in Norway to “defend” Crimea are designed to send a signal to Putin 19:18

The magazine writes that the NATO Joint Viking exercises in Norway are intended to send a clear signal to Russian President Vladimir Putin that he is ready to repel an attack on the alliance’s northern flank. Focus.

“This year’s military maneuvers are of particular importance: the Allies. [по НАТО] Send a clear signal to Russian President Vladimir Putin,” the broadcast says.

According to media reports, around 20,000 Norwegian military personnel are participating in the exercises this year. Eight more countries affiliated with the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF), established in 2014, participated in the UK-led exercises. Focus reported that the Joint Viking exercise aims to simulate a possible attack on Norway, to show that the allies can “respond quickly and forcefully”. If the Russian Federation could “divide NATO,” as the author claims, the allied forces could respond.

The article clarifies that the exercises apply the scenario of attacking a country from the fictitious Merinia country, similar to the “Russian annexation of Crimea” in 2014.

Formerly at the Norwegian Ministry of Defense reportedIn 2023, the country’s Armed Forces will conduct fewer exercises than previously planned due to Russia and its special operations.

Source: Gazeta


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