Botanik will record first “internal tension” law on animal welfare at its penultimate general meeting

The penultimate plenary session of the Valencian Parliament, which started this morning, contains a long list of regulations and opinions. One of the most anticipated first points is about fixing positions. Valencia Animal Welfare Law, as voting will take place in tomorrow’s session. Thus, apart from surprises, groups of botanical They will vote in favor of an arrangement that faces the opposition’s rejection and unconstitutional warnings from Vox and hunters.

Unites Podem representative, Beatriu GascoHe advocated an update to a law 30 years ago that would, for the first time, recognize all animals as sentient beings and establish “zero slaughter”, and other measures such as the protection and control of cat colonies. While the leader of the purple formation congratulated him for the step taken in the defense and protection of animals, he did not hesitate to reveal the contradictions according to the socialists on issues such as the definition of animal abuse. “The Socialist Party disappointed us in some ways,” he said in his first speech.

Response and defense by PSPV. david bald. “There is no danger to hounds,” argued socialist lawmaker David Calvo, who linked the opposition’s criticism to the election period, in the corridors of Les Corts, according to Europa Press. In addition, he was asked whether the PPCV was with the “Feijóo de Galicia or Feijóo de Madrid” because a similar law to the one in Valencia was approved when he was president of Galicia.

hunting dogs

Among Botànic members, Cristina Rodriguez (Compromís) noted that “there is no position on hunting dogs” in the norm, although it acknowledged that this was not the definition its coalition would promote and stressed that no animals were left out: “Same dogs, same law”. Emphasizing that hunting dogs are pets and should be considered as such, Beatriu Gascó said, “This is not a law about hunting, yes or no (…) We will not demonize hunting because that is not the problem.” .

And that’s your position. hunting federation During the drafting of the law, government partners bubbled up inside. Consideration of hunting dogs and certain activities has focused much of the criticism and opposition. PP’s attorney, Eliza Diazstaged this friction in the norm, which was unnecessary. For the popular MP, the lack of consensus and common sense resulted from a “contagion effect” on the national debate. Díaz accused Botànic of practicing a sectarianism that punished both hunting and the rural environment.

Eduardo del Pozo (Cs) went further by stating that the rule could be unconstitutional by including “inconsistencies and inconsistencies” that the rule did not specify, while enabling the José Luis Aguirre (Vox) formation to appeal 52 deputies in Congress. unconstitutional

The head of the Community Hunting Federation, for his part, Lorraine MartinezHe acknowledged that his stance on animal abuse, with the exception of hunting dogs, was finally being considered, but warned that the law does not provide “complete safety” for them because “many items will need to be changed once the law is approved nationally.”

“We asked for this to be analyzed in a timely manner as it was highly unconstitutional, and their response to us was that it should be affirmed as yes or yes,” he denounced, reassuring that Botànic groups were aware that changes were coming. to do. He also argued that when the project was presented a few months ago, hunting was “a clear statement against the industry”.


Besides the parliamentary groups, the director of AnimaNaturalis in Spain, Aida Gasconmade the Valencian laws represent a step forward and placed the Community at the most advanced level of autonomy in terms of animal protection. To him, it was particularly important that the PSPV decided to include hunting dogs as pets, so he urged the PSOE to do the same in state regulation. He also underlined the prohibition of circuses with all kinds of animals or the use of punishment elements.

The animalists’ representative denied that the Valencian norm contradicts the state norm as it leaves room for regulating autonomies or may face objections of unconstitutionality as only certain points will need to be “updated”.

Source: Informacion


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