We can urge the Generalitat and PSOE not to “protect” powerful people like Roig

Ione Belarra, Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2023, who participated in the Podemos election action in Valencia together with the Organization Secretary of the Purple Formation Lilith Verstrynge, refilled the ink against “strong businessmen and food distribution”. Chains dominating the market share in Spain” and causing a frenzied increase in food. During their speech, they quoted several times the president of Mercadona, Juan Roig, whom they once again called “brutal capitalist” and urged the Government and PSOE not to “protect the strong” .

Belarra attended a demonstration of the ‘power transforming in Valencia’ route this Saturday, where Héctor Illueca, Podemos’s candidate for the Presidency of the Generalitat Valenciana, was presented; Pilar Lima, Podemos’ candidate for Mayor of Valencia; María Teresa Pérez, Podemos Corporate Action secretary and candidate for the Valencia Courts for Alicante, and Marisa Saavedra, MP for United We Can in Congress and Valencia Courts candidate for Castelló. Ione Belarra commented, “The coalition is not in danger, but the PSOE is a conservative party, they are afraid of the one yes yes law, gas caps or housing laws.”

The top leader of Podemos appears to be resisting pressure, but is trying to reformulate the ‘Yes-only yes-is-law’ to avoid the PSOE-PP alliance. In this sense, Belarra commented in Valencia this morning that the coalition government with the PSOE is “not in danger” despite serious inconsistencies in the text of the law in question. Morlar agrees to raise the minimum penalties and introduce the concept of “violence and intimidation” as an aggravating factor for sexual assault, but not as a subspecies of this crime.

Message from Illueca to Puig and Compromís

Illueca, who was fully involved in the election campaign on the last Sunday of May and disrupted the negotiations between Compromís and Unidas Podem to meet in the elections, conveyed a message to Compromís and the PSOE: “You can only rule from the left. In the Generalitat,” he pointed out. It also counts on the growth of Podemos to provide guarantees to Govern del Botànic in the next legislature.

Pilar Lima assured that Podem would return to Cap i casal. After criticizing the urban policies of the deputy mayor Sandra Gómez, she commented, “We have to get into the city council and we need a city for everyone. The city is getting old and throwing the young out.”

Source: Informacion


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