Puig and Illueca keep their distance and Unides Podem advances with the advantages of supermarkets

differences between Combines What We Can Do and PSPV The figure of businessman Juan Roig and Mercadona’s role in the distribution chain is becoming more and more insurmountable with each passing day. While they want to frame the discussion within the framework of institutional “loyalty,” neither entity is willing to change their criteria. In fact, the crisis over the food basket has resulted in Generalitat president Ximo Puig and second vice president Héctor Illueca giving two very different public speeches over the past few days and, above all, distances. Yes, the corporate agenda caught the rhythm and both presented a new edition of the Renhata Plan in Palau in two short interventions. Just 20 minutes of open action with no common explanation.

At the end of the show, Héctor Illueca The “meticulous and calm” debate It is on the price of food that the “maximum possible consensus” will be reached on the measures to be taken to deal with this problem.

“We have different points of view, but most importantly, an unlawful proposal was presented in the Valencian Courts,” he told the Efe agency. At the same time, the Minister of Housing evaluated Unides Podem’s initiative and opened up to a confrontation “with complete flexibility”. The second vice president did not openly mention Mercadona this time, but continued his support for the purple formation’s measures, such as limiting food prices or taxing the extraordinary profits of large food distribution chains and large supermarkets. “They’re reasonable,” he concluded, but conceding that in this area, “central government has the best chance of putting it into action.”

Inflation through big companies

Illueca insisted on examining what margin was in the regional range. “There is no way that the interests of big corporations can cause hyperinflation that jeopardizes the well-being of many families.”

The president’s response, Ximo Puig, came a few hours later. In an interview at COPE, Consell’s president said, “It’s clear we have a price problem in food and other areas. we are a inflationary process, but it is purely arbitrary to put the inflation problem on a particular chain. In addition, Puig drew attention to the good functioning of the distribution chains in our country, Juan Roig As a businessman who contributes financially to the Valencian Community and contributes to sports and culture.

The chief executive described the ad hominem attack against Mercadona’s owner as “unjustified”. Puig urged, for example, to work towards “strengthening the role of the producer” and recalled his final approval. Food Chain Act.

The answers and counter-responses so far may turn into a matter of parliamentary split, because Combine We Can due to the depiction of political formations during the voting in the Cortes. It has already received support. loyalty and it remains to be seen what the socialist group will do. It won’t be the first time they’ve voted differently, but their own identity or split will make the factor more obvious.

Source: Informacion


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