Puig hides behind desalinated water reduction in front of a right pressing with transfer and Azud

The highlights of the first control session at Consell were water and corruption. The political factions of the Autonomous Parliament, clearly in a pre-election tone, the Generalitat president, Ximo Puigcould not prevent the administration from remaining in the background. In fact, the final decision on the Tagus basin plan occupied a large part of the interventions of the Executive head.

Faced with fierce attacks from the PP, Puig showed strength in his responses with three announcements: desalinated water for irrigationTagus’ request for the creation of an infrastructure commission in the domain, and Input of irrigators in this body so they can control the development of the protagonists. The socialist leader also claimed that he commissioned the Generalitat Advocacy to analyze anything harmful to the Community, and if it does, Puig stresses “we will appeal”.

Between weakness and mud

Ximo Puig also recalled the 40 cases where Botànic went to court to defend the interests of the irrigators and the province of Alicante; this is a road that he did not give up but left pending. “The roadmap is clear: water forever and doing this with minimal tension with other regions. “Wars produce mud,” he stressed. “The transfer is not transferable. We need the purification of Madrid, it is the same thing even if it is paid with the general budget,” he said.

The defense of the government’s position was made after receiving harsh accusations from María José Catalá. The PPCV trustee described Puig as “weak and submissive” in this regard. Referring to what happened on Tuesday, he predicted that “PSOE has carried out the biggest attack on the irrigators” and “the PP will go to court”, an issue approved by the people’s president and president that same morning. Alicante State Council, Carlos Mazón.

In a different but equally critical tone, Ciudadanos’ new trustee questioned the president. Mamen Peris demanded a “stronger” position and announced that the formation would support the go-to-court measure. The spokesperson recalled how the “temperature” had allowed Alicante to line up for the Spanish Government’s investments, and now the same is happening with water.

Control session highlights info.es

“Are you the boss?”

The PP trustee, on the other hand, urged Ximo Puig to say whether he was the “boss” of the Azud case, and the PSPV’s leader responded by urging him to see “who goes through the courts every day.” To popular old expenses like Francisco Camps or Alfonso Rus. Catalá, Puig’s make statements assuming political responsibility “for honor” and for being “knocked out” by Azud, alleged bribery from Valencia City Council in the PP stage in exchange for public works awards and alleged illegal financing of PSPV. In response, the president implied the niece of former mayor Rita Barberá, telling him to “ask the adviser appointed to the City Council” of Valencia.

There was one of the most tense moments in the counter-response. The spokesperson assured him that his party would have nothing to do with his memory. Carmen Alborch What did PSOE do? rita berbera. The PP’s deputy, Miguel Barrachina, was also less restrained, and he also rolled out a shirt bearing the name Ximo Puig, to which he would pay for a so-called “pre-campaign socialist water company.”

Vox, on the other hand, did not want to miss the opportunity to participate in the accusations. Trustee Ana Vega was ironic when she said that the PSOE “has a problem with the Xs: first Mr. X from the GAL, then X of the poorly lit bars in Andalusia where they spent their money with the trade unionists, and now X. Puig in the Azud case». He referred to the PSOE as “Europe’s most corrupt party”, ironically: “Ximo, be strong.” Puig’s response was immediate: “It won’t succeed even by joking.” “You have to nominate an abuser… ‘ he finished his words.

Cs looking for own profile

One of the biggest puzzles of the plenary meeting was knowing how to act. Mamen PerisHe made his debut as a trustee after the general assembly held to re-establish the party. The spokesperson began in a conciliatory tone, sending a message to Ximo Puig by extending his hand.

During the session, which ended at six in the afternoon, his colleagues’ interventions were sharper, but Vox points out that he presented a conflicting change in the brainwashing proposal at training centers. advocating the multilingual model, which was unthinkable in Toni Cantó’s days. We’ll have to wait for further interventions to find out if this “reconciliation” is punctual and attributable to the premiere or just a way to get some distance with PP.

Finally, it should be noted that two more important issues were also discussed in the general assembly. First, the decision on extraordinary economic support measures and Valencia Climate Change Agency.

In another setup, the Assembly began the day with the inauguration of the new deputy of Ciudadanos. fernando mules She replaces Ruth Merino, who left her job as spokesperson and lawmaker in the Valencian Parliament last week.

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