Alcoy opposition renewed their candidacy for municipal elections in May

Alcoy’s opposition almost completely renewed their candidacy ahead of the municipal elections to be held next May. This current mayor and candidate for re-electionsocialist Toni Frenchto be measured against Most of the competitors are different from those in 2019; The only exception that has not yet been confirmed but is reasonable in principle would be that of Vox spokesperson David Abad. However, other groups currently represented in the institution will present new faces in these elections.

The last formation confirming this excess, loyaltyannouncing that he will run for mayor Alex Cerradeloserving as the municipal group secretary in the last four years; In 2019, he ranked 6th in the candidacy, away from the two mayors obtained in the elections. He was at the top of the list at that time and continued as the spokesperson of the group until the elections, Marius IvorraHe stated that he would not repeat a few weeks ago, but that it was a decision the party had taken in parliament and showed its willingness to continue. The new candidate has shown that he is very willing to take on the “challenge” of trying to lead the nomination.

Final image of a plenary session in Alcoy. LUCIO ABAD

What happened at Compromís guarda? A certain resemblance to what happened in PPGiven that he was a candidate for mayor of Alcoy in 2019 and spokesperson for the municipal group until the next May elections, Quique Ruizalso saw frustrated his intention to repeat as number 1 on the list. However, since this newspaper was already published when this matter arose, in this case The appointment of the popular candidate, Carlos Pastor, was a direct decision. Carlos Mazón, regional leader of the PP and president of Diputación de Alicante. As the candidate himself explained to this newspaper, he is working closely with the current spokesperson until the elections and it is likely that the remaining mayors will also be on the list.

Relays of their own free will in Guanyar and Podem

there will also be Different faces from 2019 on Guanyar Alcoi and Podem’s election posters. In the mayoral candidacy of the Esquerra Unida orbit, which was a candidate in the past elections, Sandra Obiol, left the minutes of his council membership last summer in a decision well thought out by the former but which surprised many Alcoys. In the primary process carried out by the organization in the past months, he was the only name to show his willingness to top the list in May 2023. Exhibition Rodriguez Castellowas confirmed as a candidate for mayor last December. In 2019, Rodríguez took 7th place in the nomination.

The current spokespersons for Guanyar and Podem are Pablo González and Cristian Santiago, who will not repeat their positions. JUANI RUZ

Podem, for its part, already in the last four years a different speaker The person who led the nomination in 2019. Naiara Davó was also on the Generalitat lists and resigned as a member of parliament. A few months after taking office, she was appointed spokesperson for the group on the Cortes, a position that she would arguably be relieved by Pilar Lima, the regional coordinator of education, in 2021. The group’s spokesperson has since dropped Cristian Santiago, number 2 on the list four years agobut who He announced a while ago that he would not continue. As mayor after the next election. The nominee will eventually be Trini RubioNumber 5 in the 2019 bid.

The only remaining question is what will be the fate of Ciudadanos, whose future is not yet clear in the face of the May elections. Number 2 in the 2019 candidacy, marcos martinezHe left the party in April 2021, although he remains an unaffiliated councilor to this day. Last week, he announced that he would lead a candidacy called Acción Democrática Independiente.

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